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Go Up to Version Control Systems in the IDE

Annotation, also known as Blame, is available for the version control system by clicking the Annotate2.png (Annotate) toolbar button on the History Manager. The Annotation feature gives the relative age of every line in the file. Each time you click Annotate2.png, annotation information is generated, using as a base the revision that either is being viewed (in the Contents pane) or is selected in the Differences From: list (in the Diff pane).

When you initiate Annotate, the History Manager displays the revision numbers for the lines in the current file, in a wide gutter area on the left side of the window (the Annotation area). Each line in the Annotation area displays the revision number associated with the corresponding line in the file. In other words, the number in the gutter indicates the last time the line was changed, given as the revision number in which the change was checked into Subversion.

The version control data is static in the History Manager. That is, you need to click Annotate in order to refresh the annotation data when you either change the view or perform a diff operation on another revision of the file.

To view the annotation of a versioned file

  1. Open a file that is under the version control system. You can use File > Open or Project > Add to Project.
  2. Open the History Manager (click the History tab at the lower edge of the Code Editor window).
  3. On the Contents tab or the Differences tab of the History Manager, click Annotate2.png (Annotate).
    Observe the Annotation area (the left-hand gutter of the window), in which the most recent revision number is displayed for each line in the file.

To view the annotation again using a different revision of the file

  1. In the upper pane of the History Manager, do either of the following:
    • On the Contents tab, click another revision listed in the Revision content list.
    • On the Differences tab, click another revision in the Differences From: pane.
  2. Click Annotate2.png (Annotate).

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