Using the Parallel Programming Library

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The RTL provides the Parallel Programming Library (PPL), giving your applications the ability to have tasks running in parallel taking advantage of working across multiple CPU devices and computers. The PPL includes a number of advanced features for running tasks, joining tasks, waiting on groups of tasks, etc. to process. For all this, there is a thread pool that self tunes itself automatically (based on the load on the CPU’s) so you do not have to care about creating or managing threads for this purpose.

You can use this library by including System.Threading in your apps. This unit is made up of several features that can be included into new and existing projects. The unit also includes a number of overloaded arguments to make it suitable for C++ as well as Delphi.

Using the PPL, your applications can easily:

Platform Support

The PPL works on Windows, MacOSX, Android, and iOS devices.


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