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The Structure View (in the upper left corner of the IDE) displays the hierarchy of the following:

  • Source code or HTML displayed in the Code Editor.
    • When displaying the structure of source code or HTML, you can double-click an item to jump to its declaration or location in the Code Editor.
  • Components displayed on the Designer.
    • When displaying components, you can double-click a component to select it on the form.

Structure View Displays Errors Node

If your code contains syntax errors, the errors are displayed in the Errors node in the Structure View. Double-click an error to locate the corresponding source in the Code Editor. (Not applicable for C++ development.)

Structure View Displays Parent-Child Relationships

You can use the Structure View to view relationships between components and between database objects. For example, if you add a panel component and a check box component to your form, they are considered siblings. But if you use the Structure View and drag the check box on top of the panel icon, the check box becomes the child of the panel component.

Structure View Works with FireMonkey Style Designer

When you use the FireMonkey Style Designer, selecting a component or style in the Structure View displays the selected item in the object viewer of the FireMonkey Style Designer.

Tip: You can control the content and appearance of the Structure View by choosing Tools > Options > Environment Options > Explorer and changing the settings.

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