W8058 Cannot create pre-compiled header 'reason' (C++)

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(Command-line option to suppress warning: -w-pch)

This warning is issued when pre-compiled headers are enabled but the compiler could not generate one, for one of the following reasons:

Reason Description

write failed

The compiler could not write to the pre-compiled header file. This occurs if you specified an invalid location to cache precompiled headers or if the disk is full.

code in header

One of the headers contained a non-inline function body.

initialized data in header

One of the headers contained a global variable definition (in C, a global variable with an initializer; in C++ any variable not declared as 'extern').

header incomplete

The pre-compiled header ended in the middle of a declaration, for example, inside a class definition (this often happens when there is a missing closing brace in a header file).