Working with Oracle Overloaded Stored Procedures

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Attention: The Borland Database Engine (BDE) has been deprecated, so it will not be enhanced. For instance, BDE will never have Unicode support. You should not undertake new development with BDE. Consider migrating your existing database applications from BDE to dbExpress.

Oracle servers allow overloading of stored procedures; overloaded procedures are different procedures with the same name. The stored procedure component's Overload property enables an application to specify the procedure to execute.

If Overload is zero (the default), there is assumed to be no overloading. If Overload is one (1), then the stored procedure component executes the first stored procedure it finds on the Oracle server that has the overloaded name; if it is two (2), it executes the second, and so on.

Note: Overloaded stored procedures may take different input and output parameters. See your Oracle server documentation for more information.

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