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FireMonkey supports the TMetropolisUIListBoxItem stylable control. When you create a Metropolis UI application using one of the Metropolis UI wizards, you first create a TListBox and then add instances of MetropolisUIListBoxItem.

To create a TMetropolisUIListBoxItem:

  1. Drop a TListBox on your form.
  2. Right-click the listbox and select Add Item from the context menu.
  3. In the popup, select MetropolisUIListBoxItem.
Note: Resizing is typically needed. To change the size of the TListBox that contains a TMetropolisUIListBoxItem, you need to set the Width and Height properties of the TListBox, either in code or in the Object Inspector; any resizing in the Form Designer is reverted.

The FireMonkey Metropolis UI Grid template contains a TListBox and instances of TMetropolisUIListBoxItem. For more information, see Metropolis UI Application Templates, FireMonkey Grid Template.

In the FireMonkey Grid template: Here is a TListBox containing several instances of TMetropolisUIListBoxItem:


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