New features and customer reported issues fixed in RAD Studio 12.0

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RAD Studio™️ is the ultimate RAD environment for quickly building high-performance native cross-platform applications in Delphi and modern C++ using integrated toolchains loved by developers.

RAD Studio 12 Athens consists of new features, enhancements, and quality improvements.

Key RAD Studio 12 Features

  • Installer Enhancements
    • New Feature Manager
    • Updates to Libraries
    • GetIt Quality Improvements
  • IDE Enhancements
    • Searching
    • CodeInsight and DelphiLSP
    • Visual Assist for C++
    • New WinAPI App Wizard for C++
    • General IDE Enhancements
    • IDE Quality Enhancements
  • Debugger Improvements
  • Skia Integration
    • Vulkan Backend
    • Skia Shading Language (SKSL)
    • Skia C++ Builder Support
  • Delphi Compiler
    • Long and Multiline String Literals
    • Support NaN comparisons as required by IEEE
    • New LLVM Symbol
    • Delphi Exporting the uses Graph in a GraphViz file
  • C++ Builder
    • Removed iOS and Android
    • Clang Upgrade
  • Delphi RTL
    • GetCompilerVersion and GetRTLVersion
    • Disabling Floating-Point Exceptions on All Platforms
    • List, Arrays, and Collections Improvements
    • Improved Support for UTF files without BOM
  • Data and Internet
    • JSON and the JSON Data Binding Wizard
    • IBLite/IBToGo for iOS Simulator
    • RAD Server
      • Paging Improvements
      • Sqids for URLs
      • RAD Server Session Authentication Improvements
  • FireDAC
    • QBE
    • FireDAC SQLite Version Update
    • FireDAC and Security
  • VCL
    • MDI Reworked for HighDPI and Styles
    • TFormTabsBar Control
    • Fonts and Screen
    • Edge Browser
    • Tile View Support to TListView
    • TControl Enumerator
    • New ShowInTaskbar Form property
    • Desktop Windows Manager Enhancements
    • New Double Buffering Mode
  • FireMonkey
    • Android Target API Level 33
    • Split Screen Support
    • TEdit and TMemo Improvements
    • All Platforms Single Icon and Android Adaptive Icon
  • ToolsAPI

For a detailed list of new features, please visit the What's New page.

Publicly reported bugs fixed in 12.0

RAD Studio 12.0 Athens release includes over 500 quality and performance enhancements, including fixes for publicly reported bugs.

Summary Component/s ExternalID
TChart may crash your entire application (and system) if given some particular data 3rd Party RSP-39828
TeeChart does not scale well in multi-monitor multi-dpi environments 3rd Party RSP-26351
Warning suppressed in generic classes Compiler RSP-10506
MSBuild Error "GetitCmd" task failed unexpectedly error Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-39099
c++ program does not catch exceptions Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-20067
sysmac.h compilation error Compiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG, Compiler\C++\CLANG\Delphi interop RSP-41791
RAD Server error Resource not found: GET \/Test" Compiler, Compiler\C++, Data\MEAP, Debugger RSP-41323
C++ Console Application wizard is broken. Compiler, Compiler\C++, IDE RSP-10796
findfirst stopped working for win64/bcc64 Compiler, Compiler\C++, RTL\C++ RSP-39407
Default XML documentation output directory Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-38936
String literals more then 255 chars Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-41138
Remove 255 char const string literal size! Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-12499
Add support for Multiline string literals Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-16974
compiler dont release string if string is declared in inline way Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-33604
Inline Captured Variable Leak With Anonymous Procedure Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-34818
E2232 Interface ‘IMetaDataDispenserEx’ has no interface identification Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-37892
URW1237 again Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-31224
[XE11.1] Infinite loop while (-NAN>-NAN). Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-38639
xmldoc spoils bulleted list Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-27735
Compilation fails with DBG3603 Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-40643
Comparisons with NaN return true Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-19882
Length() returns incorrect length for open array parameters in x64 Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-12438
Value M-record parameters: inefficient CopyRecord Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-28950
CODEGEN bug in managed fields initialization, associated with new management operators 2 Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-35397
Compiler confuses unit names in project group Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-39293
Bug in instruction "MOVZX SI,SIL" generation in x64 target mode Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-39839
Math.NaN (Delphi) incorrectly translated in HPP file Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-19066
Value M-record parameters: unneeded InitializeRecord Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-28855
Code Insight not very helpful Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-17110
TThreadedQueue doesn't work with initialized records Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-39018
AV when invoking a method with RTTI Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-40414
Compiler should not use div instruction when divisor is a constant Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-36121
Anonymous methods with captures confuse the debugger Compiler, Compiler\Delphi, Debugger RSP-9917
Сombination of code breaks debugging of the whole project (x64 only) Compiler, Compiler\Delphi, Debugger RSP-38779
System.Length and High does not generate optimal code on Win32 Compiler, Compiler\Delphi, RTL\Delphi RSP-30097
Form name does not work with 'ä' Compiler, Compiler\Delphi, VCL RSP-36118
The ClientDataSet ignores the value of the "Origin" property of fields when applying updates. Data RSP-41287
SQLite on Android, the app crashes when attempting to insert duplicated data into a table that has a unique index on the field Data RSP-41802
Empty files can't be uploaded as block blob to an Azure Blob Storage using the AzureAPI Data, Data\Cloud RSP-40563
TDGrid should allow live updates while scroll bar is being dragged Data, Data\DBCtrls, VCL RSP-35540
TDBLookupComboBox don´t show the Scrollbar Data, Data\DBCtrls, VCL RSP-39970
TDBRichEdit won't set dataset in edit mode Data, Data\DBCtrls, VCL RSP-40045
DBGrid and Picklist. The drop-down list button is no longer accessible Data, Data\DBCtrls, VCL RSP-40831
Inserting a row to Dataset delay when lookup TFields target at big table Data, Data\DBRtl RSP-40506
DBX Firebird Client should interpret UTF8 character set as unicode Data, Data\DBX RSP-37064
Property to customize the Cancel button on TFDGUIxAsyncExecuteDialog Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-36604
FireDAC does not support ftTimeStampOffset data type, only ftTimeStamp. Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-28292
Can get the number of connections in the FireDAC pool Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-40529
Date/Time Macros HOUR, MINUTE and SECOND need typecast for PostgreSQL Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-41920
FireDAC Datasnap HTTP Protocol Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-34444
TFDTable raises exception while creating table with primary key constraint Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-41958
SQLite and LocalSQL bug Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-41530
Bug when TFDBatchMoveTextReader read csv UTF-8 encoded file Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-41946
TFDBatchMoveTextReader.DataDef.Fields.Items[].FieldName Is Empty When File Only Contains Header Row Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-40637
Loading multiple odbc drivers at runtime Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-40416
FDGetVersionInfo uses unsafe call to GetFileVersionInfo Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-41243
FireDac-Query -Oracle - ORA-345: Daten zu groß für Variable [:BAS] Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-40516
FireDAC Working dialog doesn't properly scale Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-41792
Date/Time Macros CUR...() and CURRENT_...() are incorrect for SQL Anywhere Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-41913
SQLite DDL not fully supported Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-40547
Error executing SQL in SQLite Firedac Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-42413
Delphi Windows Enterprise not contains some x64 Debug DCU Data, Data\IBX, Install RSP-41154
Interface Not Supported' Exception when using Managed Bindings on FMX Controls Data, Data\LiveBindings RSP-38214
No observer support for TComboEdit. Data, Data\LiveBindings, FireMonkey RSP-38705
Access violation when try to do loadfromstream for client dataset Data, Data\Midas RSP-42151
TAggregateField not calculated when Index of ClientDataset changes Data, Data\Midas RSP-40387
Add built-in serialization of TGUID in REST.JsonReflect Data, Data\REST RSP-40496
Introduce TCustomRESTRequest.OnBeforeExecute Data, Data\REST RSP-41786
"set" support in REST.Json Data, Data\REST RSP-41877
REST.JSON ignores property setters Data, Data\REST RSP-26262
Function TCustomRESTRequest.GetFullURL putting slash before the full URL Data, Data\REST RSP-41732
RESTResponse component does not return content Data, Data\REST RSP-41180
RESTDemos Sample for dropbox fails due to browser incompatibility Data, Data\REST, Demos RSP-39901
Delphi REST API / TRESTRequest broken for OData APIs Data, Data\REST, RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-40726
RESTRequest should accept multi part ContentType Data, Data\REST, RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-40549
JSON is corrupted when added to header of TRESTRequest in Android. Data, Data\REST, RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-41931
Wrong REST handling when certificate is needed Data, Data\REST, RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-38070
Event OnValidate fails when the dbgrid is full Data, IDE, VCL RSP-40802
Web Console for Rad Server do not show number of API calls when run by apache on linux Data\MEAP RSP-26961
It is not possible to debug 64-bit RAD Server packages Data\MEAP, Debugger RSP-41420
Debugger: Copy selected Call Stack item(s) Debugger RSP-39513
Debugging: No Breakpoints Debugger RSP-41473
Unable to "detach from program" after deploy to Android Debugger RSP-22239
OSX DELPHI Debugging requires c++ syntax to see watches and is case sensitive Debugger RSP-28297
Debugging a procedure nested inside a procedure of a public method of a datamodule leaves me unable to debug/evaluate local variables that are defined on the public method. Debugger RSP-38913
Debugger seems not able to handle trivial Delphi program using inline variable declarations Debugger RSP-39997
Invalid debug information for FireDAC runtime packages Debugger RSP-36616
Watch List doesn't work in program begin end scope Debugger RSP-38829
Some debugging features (watch list, tooltip expression) not working for Console applications Debugger RSP-30759
Unable To Modify Value During Debug Debugger, Debugger\Evaluator RSP-35660
Secondary Edit Window disappears on F9 depending on focus Debugger, IDE RSP-35120
F2084 Internal Error: AV06280130(061C0000)-R00000004-0 Debugger, IDE RSP-33386
Compiler error on sample FMMusicPlayer.dproj (Release, Android64) Demos RSP-26904
Unable to activate switch on Location Sensor Demo Demos, FireMonkey RSP-28631
Support Android splitt screen mode FireMonkey RSP-27965
Support Samsung Smartphone with foldable Infinity-Flex-Display FireMonkey RSP-21560
TGridPanelLayout new SizeStyle : Weight FireMonkey RSP-26319
TagFloat in TListItem and TListViewItem FireMonkey RSP-41881
readonly property Text for TComboBox (FMX) FireMonkey RSP-29811
[TMemo][Android] Problems with selecting big text clips while scrolling FireMonkey RSP-19388
FMX TEdit and TMemo undo/redo issues FireMonkey RSP-36895
add ReturnKeyType on TNumberBox component FireMonkey RSP-19327
Publishing Anchors property on FMX TGlyph component FireMonkey RSP-34531
TLocationSensor ErrorRadius FireMonkey RSP-37755
TEdit doesn't consider a foreground brush resource FireMonkey RSP-40621
Scaling components within a scrollbox does not result in scrollbars if expected FireMonkey RSP-32399
Remove TCanvas global lock optionally FireMonkey RSP-37232
Optimize TextToShortCut in FMX.ActnList FireMonkey RSP-26926
Enhance FMX touch mechanism because it has some serious issues FireMonkey RSP-35272
TArc.EndAngle ignoring value = 0 when project opening FireMonkey RSP-23192
TSelection not working as expected FireMonkey RSP-41773
[macOS] Memory Leak TBitmapCodecQuartz.LoadThumbnailFromFile FireMonkey RSP-37362
Apps not compatible with Android 7 split-screen mode FireMonkey RSP-17001
Firemonkey TButton cancel=True will not fire when focus on itself FireMonkey RSP-40034
FMX TEdit.SelText is read only, contrary to expectation and official documentation FireMonkey RSP-36792
MakeScreenshot does it partially If the object is outside the visible area FireMonkey RSP-34121
PAServer doesn't generate exportOptions.plist correctly FireMonkey RSP-38828
FMX form designer: stuck in LMB down state when creating a selection rectangle going beyond the form's bounds FireMonkey RSP-36729
Android Device Docking Terminates App FireMonkey RSP-20479
TMultiView width is always resetted to DefaultWidth 250 FireMonkey RSP-29775
Delphi: can't add sub-subclass of TTabItem to TTabControl FireMonkey RSP-23539
Actions do not update menu shortcuts (FireMonkey) FireMonkey RSP-40793
Shortcuts i TActionList does not work in 11.3 FMX FireMonkey RSP-40805
Applications using D2D canvas cant handle dxgi errors and fail FireMonkey RSP-23303
Gridpanellayout stil have calculation problems FireMonkey RSP-39199
Missing {$ENDREGION} in FMX.ListView.Appearances FireMonkey RSP-41981
Pressing the accelerator key will produce a warning sound. FireMonkey RSP-36461
Wrong {$ENDREGION} in Fmx.Bind.GenData FireMonkey RSP-41979
Cannot delete the first charactor of an unconfrmed string in Edit FireMonkey RSP-34622
TMainMenu accelerators do not work when premium style used FireMonkey RSP-18661
[Android] Using CharCase of anything other than ecNormal in TMemo causes issues with caret position FireMonkey RSP-29850
FMX TMemo Emoji Cursor does not go end of line FireMonkey RSP-32090
[TComboBox] TComboBox.ListBoxResource ignored FireMonkey RSP-36079
A PopupMenu is also scaled, when the popup-component is in an scaled layout FireMonkey RSP-37502
memory leak when closing a program with firemonkey styles applied FireMonkey RSP-40239
Memory leak in Win32 FireMonkey RSP-37498
Cannot navigate between controls on FMX form with frames containing controls FireMonkey RSP-38212
Wrong image orientation using action TakePhotoFromLibrary on Android FireMonkey RSP-38856
FlowLayout does not arrange the last line correctly FireMonkey RSP-33644
Missing end quote region name TFMXDialogService in FMX.Dialogs.Mac FireMonkey RSP-41980
Zoom popping up on show password FireMonkey RSP-28491
FMX TCommonCustomForm.Keydown() converts F4 to 's' and trigger my button's click() FireMonkey RSP-33939
TMemo does not handle correctly cursor keys (available on Swiftkey for android) FireMonkey RSP-19387
TMemo: Wrong actual input caret position (Android) FireMonkey RSP-20777
App Crash when paste to Android TMemo. FireMonkey RSP-28832
TEdit.OnValidate not called under Android FireMonkey RSP-35211
Wrong result of TControl.PaintTo with effects FireMonkey RSP-40773
The photo color of iOS contacts is wrong FireMonkey RSP-40756
TEdit OnKeyDown behaviour FireMonkey RSP-11102
[Desktops] Wrong behavior of FMX TEdit in password mode FireMonkey RSP-38428
Setting focus to a TEdit whose Text is not empty does not select the text while the form isn't yet shown FireMonkey RSP-33898
Wrong cursor position on TEdit control, when some text is added by code FireMonkey RSP-30475
Does not find existing file RadientShapes FireMonkey RSP-42242
TCustomComboBox MouseWheel issues FireMonkey RSP-23028
Form Structure view context menu bug FireMonkey RSP-33933
Style designer save doesn't automatically append .style to file name FireMonkey RSP-14522
TCustomBitmapCodecWIC.GetImagingFactory mutithred problems FireMonkey RSP-37725
FMX AcceleratorKey trigger error for ctrl + key FireMonkey RSP-15192
FireMonkeyVersion constant is not changed FireMonkey RSP-35401
Root objects of a given stylename is not accessible via StylesData or FindStyleResource FireMonkey RSP-40057
TEditButton scaling issue FireMonkey RSP-18452
Accelerator Keys triggered by other keys FireMonkey RSP-35832
TEdit: Shift-clicking selects unexpected parts FireMonkey RSP-39844
TEdit is missing undo functionality FireMonkey RSP-34326
TEdit behaves incorrectly when contents exceed its width FireMonkey RSP-32317
TGrid / TStringGrid with OnCreateCustomEditor incorrect mouse click behavior FireMonkey RSP-40328
MAC OS when selecting text on TEdit, selected text remains dark FireMonkey RSP-40263
Wrong result from GetMTView and GetGLView on iOS FireMonkey RSP-40434
Fix ListBox performance FireMonkey RSP-40519
FMX calendar controls week numbering issue FireMonkey RSP-36764
FMX: Wrong calculation of GetBounds method in FMX.Graphics.TPathData FireMonkey RSP-24659
TGrid / TStringGrid OnDrawColumnBackground is not called when AlternatingRowBackground is disabled FireMonkey RSP-40354
FMX.Objects.TShape.DoGetUpdateRect use after free FireMonkey RSP-40507
GridPanelLayout.DELETECHILDREN delete all children and "GridPanelLayout" include -- causing "AV" FireMonkey RSP-37689
TForm.Quality setting has no effect on performance in Windows FireMonkey RSP-38288
TColorComboBox panning problem FireMonkey RSP-39766
Not super-impressive LF handling in Windows FMX TEdit paste FireMonkey RSP-36660
Function keys (F1..F11) no longer work as Action shortcuts FireMonkey RSP-39902
TEdit in some cases does not work correctly FireMonkey RSP-19082
do not delete tabiitem(FMX) FireMonkey RSP-40424
TEdit does not recognize keyboard undo FireMonkey RSP-19399
GlobalUseMetal problem FireMonkey RSP-33513
Bug in MapView FMX FireMonkey RSP-40440
Possible bug in TScrollBox/TScrollContent UpdateRect calculation FireMonkey RSP-39052
Range error in FMX.Canvas.D2D.pas FireMonkey RSP-41513
Virtual Keyboard toolbar is out of alignment when in-call status bar shows FireMonkey RSP-17272
TMemo: I'm holding down the Shift Key and clicking, but it's not selected FireMonkey RSP-39843
NSRunningApplication has missing methods FireMonkey RSP-35579
Access Violation in Text draw FireMonkey RSP-41654
missing UNNotificationPresentationOptionNone in iOSapi.UserNotifications FireMonkey RSP-40134
When modifying/deleting Memo Lines in FMX Memo on Android one needs to call ResetSelection FireMonkey RSP-18442
TPopupMenu: submenus do not popup FireMonkey RSP-19052
MacOS: closing modal window with red titlebar button does not call Forms Close and CloseQuery events. FireMonkey RSP-39547
FireMonkey will not correctly display fonts that are loaded dynamically on Windows FireMonkey RSP-17030
Wrong result from GetMTView on macOS FireMonkey RSP-40435
FMX mouse up event lost when Alt key is pressed if TMenuBar used FireMonkey RSP-42144
FMX nested forms exception when not shown FireMonkey RSP-39502
TWebBrowser cannot navigate to "about:blank" on iOS, Android and macOS FireMonkey RSP-39662
Orphaned {$ENDREGION} in FMX.ListView FireMonkey RSP-41982
FMX TPath component issue with Fit or Tile WrapMode and thick Stroke FireMonkey RSP-39520
Tab does not work between edits of different frames FireMonkey RSP-31400
TFrame tab order does not work FireMonkey RSP-21458
Using stroke thickness > 1 cut image in TPath FireMonkey RSP-39515
Tabulation doesn't work when layout's parent changed FireMonkey RSP-31611
GlobalUseMetal does not work if a form is closed and reopened FireMonkey RSP-36446
TTextLayoutManager and TTextLayout not work in background thread FireMonkey RSP-20185
MouseClick has empty shift state when right clicking on a TFrame FireMonkey RSP-36356
Resizing the headers in an empty TGrid will not trigger scrollbars FireMonkey RSP-38650
TAndroidScreenServices.ScaleByMetrics could crash on some device FireMonkey RSP-41500
TListBox.ShowCheckboxes causes text to overlap checkbox FireMonkey RSP-42229
TComboEdit - Data Binding not change value while use mouse whell FireMonkey RSP-38440
Buttons inside a ScrollBox may randomly change Pressed Animation FireMonkey RSP-22933
FMX TFlowLayout - bug after hide first element FireMonkey RSP-42318
TWebBrowser using Edge Engine fails if the executable is in a folder with restricted rights FireMonkey RSP-36178
TMagnifierGlass don't capture the canvas at the good time FireMonkey RSP-28220
getManufacturerSpecificData method of JScanRecord type is declared incorrectly FireMonkey RSP-37996
METAL bugs on OS X FireMonkey RSP-30496
[Desktops] FMX.TEdit selecting with shift key working incorrectly FireMonkey RSP-35616
Printer.ActivePrinter.Device shows default printer even if printer selection changed during runtime FireMonkey RSP-21473
getServiceData method of JScanRecord type is declared incorrectly FireMonkey RSP-38775
BeginUpdate/Endupdate block with add or remove of child objects : misconception FireMonkey RSP-21013
TSpeedButton incorrectly deselected FireMonkey RSP-40617
TGrid Header ignores textsettings settings in its style FireMonkey RSP-26532
TPointF.PointInCircle has Integer radius instead of Single FireMonkey RSP-36997
Wrong loupe zoom point for controls located at top FireMonkey RSP-42152
Massive memory growth/leaks when resizing (OpenGL) 3D form on macOS FireMonkey RSP-42116
Edit loses focus when screen is rotated on iOS FireMonkey RSP-41684
Incorrect and inconsistent handling of '&' in TComboEdit and TComboBox FireMonkey RSP-40485
Modal form opening and closing another modal form leaves original form unresponsive to first click FireMonkey RSP-40158
ListView connected with DataSet with LiveBinding hangs after EnableControls FireMonkey RSP-40500
caretposition e inserção de caracteres FireMonkey RSP-41245
Disabling then enabling e.g. TButton or TSwitch within Object Inspector leaves them disabled on Android 11 unless explicitly enabled via code FireMonkey RSP-37026
TCustomButton.IsPressed reseted after SetNewScene FireMonkey RSP-40618
text input(Korean Hanguel) is not working properly after upgrading to ios16. FireMonkey RSP-39753
TNumberBox, TEdit & Return FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components RSP-12360
[FMX] [Android] MaxLength does nothing on TEdit Control FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components RSP-15960
Double-clicking in TEdit should not ignore symbols (@, &, brackets etc.) FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components RSP-13215
add a context menu option to open style editor on TStyleBook FMX component FireMonkey, IDE RSP-38525
add objc include folder for macOS SDK FireMonkey, IDE RSP-41797
Wrong cursor (crSizeNWSE) on aligned controls in the FMX form editor FireMonkey, IDE RSP-36574
TControl.HelpKeyword not saved with form FireMonkey, IDE RSP-21533
Incorrect definition for CS7 in FireMonkey, RTL RSP-41478
comparison of 2 interfaces result in bad behavior in TCommonCustomForm.SetHovered and similar FireMonkey, RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-36612
Order of modifier keys in shortcut text should be changed FireMonkey, VCL RSP-38982
Support for font scaling independent from DPI scaling FireMonkey, VCL RSP-34423
Flip Children does not work FMX, IDE RSP-35383
debug are deployed in release configuration FMX, IDE, IDE\Project Manager RSP-40256
Docwiki Permission error Help and Doc RSP-41847
HelpInsight popup can get get stuck when F1 is pressed Help and Doc, IDE RSP-39076
ClientDataset code editor for command text is missing IDE RSP-30054
Tab order change on Tools / Options / Version Control / Git IDE RSP-34618
Dual Monitor Variable Pixel Size Support IDE RSP-36404
Add "copy to clipboard" functionality to event log/panel popup menu IDE RSP-40236
Should be able to right-click and copy a selection of multiple callstack items IDE RSP-38787
[RadServer] Expose OnNeedClientCertificate event, same as OnValidateCertificate event IDE RSP-35573
Support adaptive icons IDE RSP-21335
Add tooltip to search results tabs to display complete search term IDE RSP-40584
Add TFrame in the File/New menu IDE RSP-39403
Watch window cannot be sized so long expressions are hard to modify IDE RSP-41431
Add option for setting line height (leading) in Editor IDE RSP-34349
add error hint on the red bullet in the gutter IDE RSP-33284
New VCL Application should by default provide 32 and 64 bits targets IDE RSP-39042
Improve Auto Invoke function IDE RSP-28226
unit (cycled) dependencies IDE RSP-33126
E2056 String literals may have at most 255 elements IDE RSP-37711
AutoInvoke code completion IDE RSP-35374
Find in files annoying matches in history+recovery files IDE RSP-37194
Object inspector has no title bar and as such is unmovable IDE RSP-33907
IDE editor jumps when double-clicking word IDE RSP-41659
At FMX form resize in designer, selection rectangle lags behind IDE RSP-36112
11.3 double click on word in editor does not select [regression] IDE RSP-40734
IDE: Focus is not set back to the editor, after a dialog has been shown. IDE RSP-23307
Find toolbar check boxes disappear after IDE resize cycle IDE RSP-41220
Wrong tab order in Run -> Parameters dialog IDE RSP-21726
VCL: Unable to change TLabel text Font color IDE RSP-39126
IDE menu flickering issues IDE RSP-30579
RADS IDE window is not moveable on the desktop IDE RSP-35142
IDE does not react well swapping between monitors with different scaling IDE RSP-41882
after searching from bottom bar and something isn't found, shouldn't move cursor to (0,0) IDE RSP-36551
Canvas crash during compilation IDE RSP-36572
Project Options > Search path dialog: Delete button invalid state and/or behaviour IDE RSP-38191
Getit search field has white spot in front of entry. IDE RSP-39313
ctrl+F (search) works like search in files IDE RSP-23269
RAD Studio shrinks form sizes a little when the .cpp file is edited IDE RSP-41661
MigrationTool fails to log progress and errors when installing packages IDE RSP-39212
Find In Files bug with "Display results in separate tabs" IDE RSP-37688
GetItCmd doesn't log errors IDE RSP-39218
Non-visual component positions not offset in form designer IDE RSP-38101
IDE sometimes blanks out on word-double-click IDE RSP-41351
No Caption-Bar on undocked project window IDE RSP-32782
Repeatedly turning on / off the Navigation Toolbar compress the Code Editor area IDE RSP-21815
Error insight shows invaliderror message IDE RSP-28651
Secondary edit window hangs IDE RSP-35631
LSP code navigation fails in uses on Vcl.Forms IDE RSP-35146
C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo Professional not resize to full screen IDE RSP-21347
Hints are missing for some Editor status bar items IDE RSP-35086
F2 (for File, Save) does not work in secondary editor window IDE RSP-29641
Desktop layout not reloaded properly, title bar of undocked window missing [High DPI] IDE RSP-30609
IDE Crashes when clicking on Search toolbar IDE RSP-40262
Setting .icns file doesn't clear old default .icns from deployment IDE RSP-38330
Checklistbox in dialog "Install Packages" do not resize IDE RSP-23662
IDE Snapping IDE RSP-36807
Font preview in Welcome dialog and Options is too small IDE RSP-34763
[IDE Editor Glitch] - Code selection glitching in second editor window IDE RSP-32670
Secondary edit window create AV when loading desktop layout IDE RSP-30778
Multiple problems with an additional editor window ("New Edit Window" command) IDE RSP-29344
C++ Builder - default desktop layout IDE RSP-25515
[IDE Editor UX Glitch] - Cut/Copy behavior in Editor context menu is unpredictable IDE RSP-32672
The message that the IDE shows when there is an exception doesn't support multiline text of exceptions IDE RSP-38331
Bad experience when debugging with more than one edit window IDE RSP-36396
Unable to select component when using 2 edit windows IDE RSP-32081
the main window cannot be dragged correctly on the desktop IDE RSP-37203
Crash when creating a new application IDE RSP-32577
Wrong TAB order in Options -> Language -> Delphi -> Library IDE RSP-26979
wrong TAB order on Windows SDK panel IDE RSP-22005
Form designer changes dfm properties when monitor's DPI settings are changed while IDE is open IDE RSP-38308
LSP crashes when switching projects (threading issue) IDE RSP-34870
Navigation Bar dropdown boxes can become very wide IDE RSP-37564
Titlebar of platform selection dialog does not match style/color of the IDE titlebar IDE RSP-35131
Highlighting almost invisible in Delphi IDE Insight (F6) search results IDE RSP-36362
Add required package to a package project dialog has misplaced component IDE RSP-29131
IDE AVs on opening project IDE RSP-41170
Truncated text on download window IDE RSP-34727
Incorrect Line Numbers Reported by ErrorInsight (compared to Compiler) IDE RSP-38069
Selecting a line in the editor by double clicking does not work properly IDE RSP-41525
IDE / File&Form Editor Tab / Right Mouse Menu not properly synchronized for the "Show in Explorer" action IDE RSP-25922
Dialogs to manage "Vergleichs Viewer" not always visible IDE RSP-35782
Missing Forms List Boxes in Project Options IDE RSP-39823
[IDE UI Glitch] - Caption of "View asText/Form" does not change in editor tab IDE RSP-32688
Automatic bad scroll when selecting with double click IDE RSP-41298
Find' jumps to beginning of file if nothing was found IDE RSP-33095
Issue with ParentFont and Low DPI designer IDE RSP-41607
Provide more descriptive error messages in Platform Manager IDE RSP-34447
access violation on vcl270 everytime i start Delphi IDE RSP-31913
IDE refuses to open some files [ghost tabs] IDE RSP-35943
Dragging IDE window is not smooth IDE RSP-28827
IDE tries to search when double clicking to highlight word while incremental search is active IDE RSP-41167
Second edition window is undraggable IDE RSP-35622
No synchronization of the open file in the editor with the file node in the project window. IDE RSP-28633
Access violation editing a frame IDE RSP-36722
Browse button missaligned when adding new required dcp to package IDE RSP-32593
Find in files dialog takes minutes to show up IDE RSP-32382
Appearance Not Working [MDI] IDE RSP-33374
Window un-snap from edge of screen IDE RSP-38329
Edit windows don't snap properly on secondary monitors. IDE RSP-32581
Dark mode "Brace Highlight" color can't be read. IDE RSP-26895
The IDE sticks to the main monitor in dual-monitor setup IDE RSP-20157
Secondary "New Edit Window" disappears, but still keeps the files inside IDE RSP-37766
Switching Welcome Page Theme doesn't work IDE RSP-39311
Wrong color in Code Insight Window IDE RSP-22186
wrong tab order tools/options/ide/default folder IDE RSP-22295
Welcome Page background image does not always save changes IDE RSP-37602
Wrong font (MS Sans Serif) used in IDE IDE RSP-22305
New Edit Window highlights multiple rows when clicking with mouse after form focus IDE RSP-38904
search in *.cpp in directory affected by /__astcache folder IDE RSP-40176
miss constant kCLLocationAccuracyReduced in iOSapi.CoreLocation.pas IDE RSP-41388
FireDAC uses vulnerable sqlite 3.dll version 3.31.1 IDE RSP-35525
After upgrade to Delphi 11.3: error about Data.DB library being built with a different version / having to be rebuilt IDE RSP-41172
Delphi won't start [GDI handles limit reached] IDE RSP-39841
Tooltip symbol insight popup does not close on F9 (Run) IDE RSP-40005
Wrong code completion cannot be avoided IDE RSP-41139
Objects inspector glitch - tab is vanishing IDE RSP-22233
2nd editor jumping content & unwanted select caused by nav bar show/hide IDE RSP-33929
It is difficult to click the history Arrow in the Tool Palette IDE RSP-40813
Delphi GUI quits updating. IDE RSP-39586
Text truncation in options screen IDE RSP-41538
CodeEditor HighLight Selection bug IDE RSP-42001
Style Lookup Icons do not scale in Object Inspector IDE RSP-37334
The search text is incomplete IDE RSP-41416
Code completion for array properties could add [ ] and place caret IDE RSP-41188
The error "Could not convert variant of type ..." occurs in the Options dialog box of the Japanese IDE. IDE RSP-41710
Problema com WholeWords IDE RSP-41788
Self-selecting option 'Whole words' only in 'Find in files' IDE RSP-40806
Delphi DPI Unaware Version Toolbar displays wrong and customisation is difficult IDE RSP-37737
Bug in "New Edit Window" IDE RSP-42324
GetIt items cannot be installed from welcome page IDE RSP-40362
Can't Change Target or Build Type on Provisioning Page when Build Type is Windows Application Store and Distribution Type is Store IDE RSP-32498
Highlight words settings seems to affect behavior of F3 IDE RSP-40690
Cursor is jumping if the new highlight function is used IDE RSP-40658
Find in file Checkbox IDE RSP-42412
[Debugger variable expansion] Error in IDE: Project settings IDE RSP-40068
Delphi 10 Dark Mode Find and Replace Text checkbox labels invisible IDE RSP-34369
Exception on ctr+ù for comment rows IDE RSP-33737
Arrow indicating stack pointer is missing IDE RSP-33745
Can't select text with mouse renaming units IDE RSP-39375
Unnecessary spaces in new search layout (Ctrl+Shift+F) IDE RSP-41469
Unavoidable wrong code completion IDE RSP-36298
Auto-complete TObject.Create fills "constructor..." IDE RSP-36296
RAD Server module wizard is confusing and has unnecessary steps IDE RSP-40630
The TActionManager editor is not Themed in Dark mode and highlights are unreadable IDE RSP-30948
Structure tool properties window inconsistent naming and not HiDPI-aware IDE RSP-35107
dfm file content changes only when opening form in IDE IDE RSP-40647
Debugger parameters are ignored IDE RSP-41179
List of compiler options in project options dialog not bottom anchored IDE RSP-21888
Delphi 11 snaps to screen edge even though Windows setting turned off IDE RSP-40327
Debugging Android64 does not work in 11.2 IDE RSP-40070
Long delay in ALT-S search menu appearance depending on number of unit dependencies IDE RSP-38898
Empty lines are being removed when unit contains mostly LF as line endings with a few CRLF IDE RSP-33611
Misaligned checkbox in search bar IDE RSP-42087
Duplo Click assumindo o texto de pesquisar está atrapalhando em vez de ajudar IDE RSP-41789
LSP code completion auto invoke does not work IDE RSP-34768
Auto Search Wrap Around does not work when disabled IDE RSP-40728
Help insight doesn't works in conditional block of code IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-31107
Ctrl + Left Mouse Click Navigation breaks with read-only files IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-29833
Can't compile when GetIt dependence defined IDE, IDE\GetIt RSP-19370
MigrationTool fails to continue when it encounters errors during installation of GetIt packages IDE, IDE\GetIt, Install\GetIt RSP-39307
No refactoring available IDE, IDE\Refactoring RSP-39711
[10.1.2 Regression] All the LongInt parameters in events in packages are replaced with Integer IDE, IDE\VCL Designer RSP-17854
GetitCmd cannot install VCL styles IDE, Install RSP-40639
TNTACodeEditorNotifier OnEditorPaintLine Context returns AV when line of code is folded IDE, Tools API RSP-42274
Random loss of style preview in VCL form designer IDE, VCL RSP-38075
AV in the VCL Form Designer IDE, VCL RSP-41178
TStringGrid changes height on opening project due to Anchor settings IDE, VCL RSP-42006
TMultiView not shown on FireUI live preview on Android device IDE\Live Preview RSP-32101
Adding info about the elements that can be installed for the installation process Install RSP-37736
Manage platforms dialog doesn't display "wordings"/platforms completely Install RSP-37474
Installer form scaling problem : "RAD Studio Platform Selection" Install RSP-39170
Interbase installer always runs Install RSP-35723
[Getit, Installer] - Second stage installer crashes if target repository folder does not exist Install RSP-39396 ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Install RSP-41145
libibtogo.a is absent for iOS Simulator ARM64 Install RSP-39460
22.0\redist\OSX64\libcgsqlite3.dylib) was built for newer macOS version (10.14) than being linked (10.9) Linker RSP-37411
Harmful mistake for c++ 64 bit in C include file (process.h) RTL, RTL\C++ RSP-16676
TJPendingIntent.FLAG_MUTABLE constant missing RTL, RTL\C++, RTL\Delphi RSP-40499
[style inc files] Publicly expose API for creating and modifying VCL styles RTL, RTL\C++, VCL RSP-13517
Add TryGetNamedGroup to System.RegularExpressions.TGroupCollection RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-38621
TEncoding.UTF8 should add Param useBom RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-38938
Support arrays in TValue.FromVariant RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-41229
Add THashSet<T> class RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-17930
Winapi.ShlObj is missing declaration of IApplicationActivationManager RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-38463
TPath.Combine for multiple folders parts RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-26535
FListeners in TMessageManager should be protected RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-29016
TSparseArray could be inefficient. It's doing unnecesary comparisons. RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-12944
Add CreateImplementation method for TRttiInvokableType RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-38690
WinHTTP no support data 4gb+ RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-36209
Add support for UTF8 without BOM into the TEncoding RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-40075
Optimize JSONNameAttribute constructor RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-40624
Improve TGroupCollection GetItems RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-40538
support Deflate64 with TZipFile RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-37326
Add overload for ToString with TFormatSettings as parameter RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-40613
Allow to set the indent string for FormatXMLData method RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-36937
Add a datetime conversion function to TZipFile RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-37614
WinApi.Media.OCR missing RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-38195
TSparseArray.Add can be optimized RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-40156
Give a name to TComponentState's underlying enum and others RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-38859
Enhance "Listindex out of bounds(x)" RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-38950
Registry functions incomplete RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-15275
Is android library incomplete? RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-36708
TZipFile gives "Stream write error" when disk is full RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-19114
LongWord missing .ToString helper on Linux platform RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-17243
I want WebP support. RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-39862
Returning clause in SQLite RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-42451
New method IsEmpty for collections and lists RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-35296
Add missing values to System.UIConsts.Colors RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-42250
Add a rename-function to TZipFile RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-38082
Update DunitX to latest version RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-38422
Optimize For* methods in System.Net.Mime RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-29034
Introduce an invert method to System.SysUtils.DateTimeFormatToNative RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-39661
New System.IOUtils.TPath method RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-40753
Add support for connect timeout in TSocket RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-36663
Handling Redirects in TRESTClient RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-35756
TArray<Integer>.ToDelimitedString(',') RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-33652
Complete Support for UInt64 RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-24727
Use NativeInt for list count and index RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-20886
Make FileTimeToDateTime public RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-36734
TODOMImplementationFactory in Xml.omnixmldom and Xml.adomxmldom are not thread-safe RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-36819
Better GetTypeData RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-34702
Several GetHashCode functions should use xor RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-34761
Using the Execute method of THTTPClient with a method of DELETE does not include the request body on Linux RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-41930
TArray Integer mishmash RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-39686
Memory leak in TJsonDynamicContractResolver class RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-41421
Winapi.Windows.DrawText wrapper can change string passed in as const RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-31233
Method interception tries to write back parameter value that was passed from const RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-42016
Better AnsiCompareStr and AnsiCompareText RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-37015
ChangeDisplaySettings lpDevMode allows nil/null RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-37110
ICategorizer.GetCategory is declared incorrectly in Winapi.ShlObj RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-16237
FilterServerSupportFunctionProc WinApi badly converted in Delphi RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-33754
CreateRemoteThreadEx declared wrongly RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-37111
Missing and typos in Winapi.Windows new declarations RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-30156
Transcryption of _CERT_STRONG_SIGN_PARA in Winapi.Windows.pas is not clear RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-29342
PSRWLOCK is incorrectly defined in Winapi.Windows RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-36027
Transcryption of _CTL_USAGE is wrong in Winapi.Windows.pas RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-28550
GetDefaultUserProfileDirectory prototype wrong RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-31367
wrong winapi SendDlgItemMsg RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-40217
Better ToHexString and IntToHex inlining RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-35231
Waiting for canceled task that never got chance to run hangs RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-34333
DateTimeHelper have defects in setters RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-35696
TRegistry.MoveKey moves REG_MULTI_SZ values incorrectly RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-39581
TZipFile -> TZipProgressEvent -> Position -> Wrong Value on files greater 4.2GB RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-38036
XML Parsing is not thread-safe RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-36814
GetGdiCompatibleGlyphMetrics is declared wrongly in D2D1.pas RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-36687
TTask access violation in TTask.InternalAddCompleteEvent RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-35121
TEqualityComparer<T>.Default incorrect for records with operator overloading RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-34600
TNetEncoding.Url.EncodeQuery and EncodeAuth producing wrong encoding RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-38522
Memory leak in TArray.Sort<T>() without comparer RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-37655
System.ZLib.ZDecompress loops infinitely if given truncated zlib data RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-39715
TZCompressionStream.CompressionRate return 0 (at 4 GB) RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-41327
Sorting array of dynamic array is defect under 64bit targets RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-37115
TList<T>.IndexOf/LastIndex of implementation not optimal RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-31381
AnsiStrings.AnsiStrLComp segfault on Linux RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-31595
Stackoverflow when serialize TQueue or TObjectQueue RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-36817
ZLib version constants need to be updated to match library 1.2.12 RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-39186
BinaryCompare in System.Defaults should take Size as NativeInt RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-38482
RTTI TValue does not handle 64bit dynamic arrays correctly RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-23822
FMX.Context.GLES.TGlesDiagnostic.CollectErrors is not anymore necessary RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-39491
Issue about TPtrWrapper RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-19988
Variant to double conversion issues RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-32071
Invalid char in compiler directive in GETMEM.INC RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-39196
ConvertErrorFmt duplicated in System.SysUtils and in System.AnsiStrings RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-40689
TRttiProperty.SetValue doesn't work for OleVariant of array type RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-41231
CompareMem should have Length parameter declared as NativeInt RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-37117
TCardinalHelper.ToString should use UIntToStr RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-37201
Better ReallocMem RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-41529
Improve string interning in TJSONByteReader RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-37787
The ConvertThreadToFiber() API is incorrectly defined RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-40148
TArray.BinarySearch uses linear search in worst case scenario RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-40174
Zlib decompression brings SourceStream to last position RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-40522
Missing System.Math min / max for cardinal RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-32477
TFileRec.handle has wrong type RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-41302
Deadlock in TParallel.For RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-36309
TShiftState can generate Unresolved external 'System::Set link errror RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-39837
Problematic change to Currency.ToString RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-36927
EnumSystemLocalesEx callback returns BOOL but expects 1, not Delphi's True RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-30517
TTask deadlock RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-40175
Delphi FMX Win32/64--the Alt-F4 exit function is masked when active window includes Alt-S shortcut. RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-40822
shlwapi function StrFormatByteSize64 translated incorrectly from Windows headers RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-29943
GetEnvironmentVariable declared as overloaded in Winapi.Windows RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-31702
System.IOUtils.TPath.GetExtendedPrefix returns wrong result RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-40247
InitializeProcThreadAttributeList declared wrongly RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-37112
(Delphi 10.4) Many declarations in Winapi.D2D1.pas were improperly translated RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-34071
UpdateProcThreadAttribute's parameter declared wrongly RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-37113
CreateGdiCompatibleTextLayout is declared wrongly in Winapi.D2D1 RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-36642
StartServiceCtrlDispatcher declared wrong in Winapi.WinSvc RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-32412
IKnownFolderManager.GetFolderIds has wrong definition RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-40395
UpdateProcThreadAttribute is defined wrongly in Winapi.Windows RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-37542
Add missing flags/constants for process creation RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-37080
SERVICE_FAILURE_ACTIONS_FLAG structure has wrong type RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-30462
StrToFloat - with exception values (nan,inf) RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-38451
Wrong declaration of CW_USEDEFAULT RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-37119
Remove TURLStream initialization from System.Net.HttpClient RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-37452
getaddrinfo should default to the widestring version in a windows unit RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-35313
TRUSTEE_IS_COMPUTER is missing from winapi.accctrl. RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-35367
Misspelling in Winapi.PsAPI.pas RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-28795
Better AnsiSameStr and AnsiSameText RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-37016
[DCC Erreur] : E2018 Type Record, Object ou Class requis with .toString RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-32154
Optimize SetOnLoadingFinished(AProc: TProc) in ToolsAPI.WelcomePage RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-37521
Missing System.Notification unit for Linux RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-41395
Incorrect recognition of the encoding of Cyrillic file names in Zip RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-42369
System.RTTI thread safety issue when calling LazyLoadAttributes RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-42359
empty REST response RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-40757
IMAGE_FIRST_SECTION behavior inconsistent with Windows SDK RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-38987
System.Generics.Collections TArray cannot handle full size arrays in 64bit mode RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-23842
sysctlbyname in should have different parameter declaration RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-34180
Managed records, RTTI and Memory leak RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-41291
GetProcessHeaps wrongly defined RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-38064
ReadDirectoryChangesEx missing in Winapi.Windows RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-41545
TDateTimePicker throws exception on arabic systems RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-42217
Indy project currently shipped is missing support for the PATCH HTTP method RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-41536
SInvalidDateString traduction error RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-42375
TJsonSerializer.Deserialize has memory leak when in_json_str has error RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-42277
Transcryption of GetUserNameEx is wrong in Winapi.Windows.pas RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-28814
Memory corruption when closing a form from an action RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-42441
Decimal value in TJSONNumber must stay decimal value RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-38387
StrToDateTime conversion fails in some cases RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Date/Time RSP-40711
StrToDateTime uses Decimalseparator for time-fraction RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Date/Time RSP-41434
Windows "wtsapi32.dll" api RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Header Translations RSP-37944
Missing fiber functions RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Header Translations RSP-40056
Windows api functions make wrong assumptions about 'var' (maybe due to automatic translation of header files) RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Header Translations RSP-40072
Declaration of IKnownFolderManager.GetFolderIds() in ShlObj.pas is wrong RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Header Translations RSP-40106
Incorrect API signature: ConvertThreadToFiber RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Header Translations RSP-40031
EXPLICIT_ACCESS_W defined twice RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Header Translations RSP-41781
GetThreadContext fails when called inside function RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Header Translations RSP-19429
Winapi.D3D12 missing declarations RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Header Translations RSP-34157
Wrong parameter to Windows API function RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Header Translations, VCL RSP-41866
TDirectory.Getfiles (path, pattern) does not work on linux RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\I/O RSP-41263
TAndroidHelper.GetPrivatePreferences uses wrong class for MODE_PRIVATE RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Other RSP-15428
TNotification has no sound for Android RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Other RSP-31811
Delphi Android TNotification SoundName -- not functional on RIO RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Other RSP-23044
Add generic enumerators to TComponent and TWinControl RTL, RTL\Delphi, VCL RSP-38237
Please update Winapi.WebView2.pas unit and TEdgeBrowser with latest APIs RTL, RTL\Delphi, VCL RSP-38985
unit WinAPI.UI.Notifications incomplete - IToastNotificationHistory missing RTL, RTL\Delphi, VCL RSP-36883
HTTP DELETE with content (System.Net.HttpClient) RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-37887
REST/HTTP Client: Valid certificates claimed as invalid under Linux RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-41422
CookieManager fails to deal with cookie on redirection to different domain RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-35334
Need Cookie update and redirect event for THTTPClient RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-38477
TNetHTTPClient “Out of memory” on large file upload RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-31373
THTTPClient get cookie error in macOS RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-41890
System.Net.Mime.TMultipartFormData.AddFile does not work for big files RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-34308
0-valued TDateTimes received from SOAP calls are mangled SOAP RSP-40022
Convert comments in ToolsAPI.pas to XML Doc Tools API RSP-19133
Make SpellChecking available for TDBRichEdit VCL RSP-40018
TListColumn.Tag is not a native-sized integer VCL RSP-39424
Add 'ShowInTaskbar' property to TForm VCL RSP-35255
Add OnCancelEdit event to TListView VCL RSP-39355
Add ability to clear user data in TEdgeBrowser VCL RSP-39568
Add UserAgent to ICoreWebView2Settings VCL RSP-34511
RichEdit replace selection with formatted text (SFF_SELECTION) VCL RSP-35549
Make TContainedAction.SetActionList(AActionList: TContainedActionList) protected and virtual VCL RSP-32740
TNumberbox - Additional Mode "nbmInt64" VCL RSP-34079
VCL TClipboard - make .Adding virtual VCL RSP-41705
BalloonHint position VCL RSP-39709
Improvements for TactivityIndicator VCL RSP-36427
Out of date dialogs VCL RSP-36343
Edge Chromium Print Preview & Config VCL RSP-31708
Expose useful callback helper types in interface section of Vcl.Edge VCL RSP-41313
TControlList - MultiSelect - adding a SelectedItemsCount and SelectedItemsIndex VCL RSP-40821
DownloadStarting Event on TEdgeBrowser VCL RSP-37154
Add BTNS_WHOLEDROPDOWN toolbar button style support to TToolButton/TToolbar VCL RSP-42286
Add Tile View support to TListView VCL RSP-39374
Request: new safe version of TPrinter.GetPrinter VCL RSP-42404
Changing system scaling causes Overlay icon to paint as black square in TreeView VCL RSP-37811
Grayscale bitmap for black icon in ImageList VCL RSP-36238
VCL bug in designer of 11.2 VCL RSP-39654
ShowException text disappear when use VCL styles VCL RSP-40127
Regression on TToolbar between 10.4 and 11.2 VCL RSP-39553
TLinkLabel becomes invisible when moved to monitor with different DPI settings VCL RSP-37943
OnContextPopup not invoked by TComboBox with style csDropDown VCL RSP-40226
Toolbar collaps when windows changed to maximize on monitor with different dpi setting VCL RSP-40592
StyleServices.GetElementSize() returns fixed value for tcbCategoryGlyphClosed VCL RSP-33715
Handles in the TScreen.Monitors list are not updated when Windows sends WM_DisplayChange VCL RSP-37708
Title Buttons Dissapear VCL RSP-39733
MessageDlg - mtConfirmation VCL RSP-40758
Shift+F10 in TComboBox with style csDropDown opens always default popup menu instead of assigned TPopupMenu VCL RSP-40227
[TControlList] Mouse Wheel in Welcome page and scrolling VCL RSP-37399
Font size of TStringGrid Canvas not updated when monitor's DPI setting changes VCL RSP-38443
Problems when using the AlignWithMargins and Constraints properties together VCL RSP-39006
TListView discards changes if it has not created a window handle after destruction of a previous one VCL RSP-14075
VCL Components TDatePicker and TTimePicker don't show "Visible" property in Object Inspector. VCL RSP-41677
TDBRichEdit new properties not published VCL RSP-35495
MDIChilds scaling differently/ DPI Awareness/per monitor v2 (and per monitor) VCL RSP-23046
MDI Child activation/deactivation problem with rightclick on control such as a listview VCL RSP-20888
MDI Child Form "disappears" when moving between different DPI monitors VCL RSP-39432
Problem with gridlines in TDBGrid (HighDPI) VCL RSP-41185
TForm.Margins not scaled VCL RSP-34984
TCustomListView-derived component does not save/restore its Items and Columns properties during window recreation VCL RSP-15109
ParentFont/Font behavior must be reimplemented/redesigned VCL RSP-36324
TBalloonHint with title shifts and cuts off long descriptions VCL RSP-30327
Vcl.Themes: Wrong spelling in TStyleFont VCL RSP-36857
TCombobox with wider DropDownWidth floats over monitor edge VCL RSP-37012
TEdgeBrowser update causes hangs VCL RSP-39565
TListBox.MeasureItem fires before font is rescaled when switching DPI VCL RSP-35901
Form loses Modelness when Style is changed to any Style and next back to "Windows" Style VCL RSP-37223
Wrong scaled MDIChild form when FormStyle was set on MDIChild before showing VCL RSP-31397
AddImages to Second VirtuallList not working VCL RSP-31363
TTreeView gets corrupted after Windows Theme change VCL RSP-38846
THotKey does not accept Del or Shift+Del VCL RSP-40478
Rich Edit spellcheck context menu has incorrect cursor (text cursor intead of arrow) VCL RSP-35499
HiDpi - Win10 - 4k display - 300% scaling - TTreeView - Images are automatically scaled by TTreeView - Can not disable this (double) scaling VCL RSP-36397
OnRemoteSessionChanged should be nil in TMultiCaster.Destroy VCL RSP-40539
TTaskbar Thumbnail-Click for MDI not working VCL RSP-32089
HeaderFont is not scaling in run-time (GroupBox and derived components) VCL RSP-35484
TTreeView check state is not inherited with Assign() VCL RSP-35967
Change VCL Style at runtime makes MDI-Child "invisible" VCL RSP-31082
When TRichEdit is ReadOnly it does not want to load images from Rtf file. VCL RSP-37809
MDI Child Form wrong DPI scaling between monitors VCL RSP-38971
Parented forms are DPI scaled VCL RSP-31137
Form.Font not scaled when Form.ParentFont = True VCL RSP-34878
TLabel and TEdit are scaled twice when ParentFont = False VCL RSP-32073
Data clipping: Wrong Type in TClipboard (Word instead of Cardinal for Format) VCL RSP-39775
Buttons in maximized MDI window are old style VCL RSP-13876
TForm.ParentFont behaves in unexpected manner when DPI changes VCL RSP-40307
TButton.ImageMargins not scaling VCL RSP-37083
[VCL Styles] Combobox dropdown items secondary monitor VCL RSP-40459
TBrowseForFolder.OnUpdate not published VCL RSP-41776
TSplitter.MinSize property does not DPI scaling VCL RSP-38803
Font.Size and Font.PixelsPerInch do not respect per-monitor scaling VCL RSP-35021
Access Violation occurs on TAction's destroying at runtime VCL RSP-41470
A problem with elements positions on VCL form with High-DPI enabled VCL RSP-42072
FreeLibrary hangs if Dll use Vcl styles or TDirect2DCanvas VCL RSP-36239
Changing Style instable - often crashes VCL RSP-36985
Style redraw after MDI Child minimize VCL RSP-38543
Maximizing then minimizing MDI child with style causes layout problems in parent VCL RSP-39899
TForm.ParentFont = true causes scaling error with HighDPI VCL RSP-30677
Memory leak with TImage and animated gif VCL RSP-36675
Mixed DPI anchoring fault for child controls of PageControl, GroupBox, Panel VCL RSP-30144
TCustomForm.CreateNew does not set ScaleFactor VCL RSP-39166
TCustomGrid - GridLineWidth - TCustomGrid_ActualGridLineWidth VCL RSP-40787
Delphi 11.1 inhibits (some custom-control) Win32 scroll bar context menus VCL RSP-38030
Checked background of TMenuItem with imagelist icon is placed wrong VCL RSP-42388
ActionList showing action slow VCL RSP-40705
Issue during Conversion from Bitmap to Jpeg VCL RSP-41738
Raize VCL Components x64 incompatibility VCL RSP-42376
Bad repaint of VCL styled scrollbar if PageSize > 0 VCL RSP-36419
TNumberBox ignores MinValue/MaxValue if they are equal VCL RSP-40722
Windows notifications for update subscriptions is reported from "bds" VCL RSP-32629
SelectDirectory has no ParentWnd argument VCL RSP-39965
Edgebrowser not supporting proxy settings VCL RSP-38194
TitleBarPanel swallows windows context menu VCL RSP-39112
Scrollbar TInplaceEditList missing when using custom VCL styles VCL RSP-40207
TForm shows prematurely if OnShow triggers DPI change VCL RSP-42084
Crash in ListView VCL RSP-41292
Konopka controls not aslr compatible (bug 64 bits) VCL RSP-41488
[styled designer] akRight anchored controls change position or width upon close/reopen in IDE VCL RSP-39606
Performance VCL Styling VCL, VCL\Styles/Themes RSP-38500
Issues with Tool Button and with MDI Child when using "Cyan Dusk" Style VCL, VCL\Styles/Themes RSP-40810
TTreeView and TListView Font.Color ignored when StyleElements excludes seFont VCL, VCL\Styles/Themes RSP-30495

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