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RAD Studio™️ is the ultimate RAD environment for quickly building high-performance native cross-platform applications in Delphi and modern C++ using integrated toolchains loved by developers.


RAD Studio 12.1 has a strong focus on quality improvements. Key quality focus areas include:

  • C++ Clang Toolchain
  • Split Editor
  • IDE
  • Debugger
  • Android Target API level 34
  • VCL
  • VA
  • Delphi Compiler
  • Other Libraries

Please visit the 12 Athens - Release 1 page for a detailed list of new features.

Publicly reported bugs fixed in 12.1

RAD Studio 12.1 Athens release includes over 400 quality and performance enhancements for publicly reported bugs.

Summary Components ExternalID
32 bit Lib fails building ("mtbcc32" exited with code 1) with 11.3 (worked fine with 11.0) 3rd Party RSP-42213
bcc64 compilation not emmitting any warnings Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-43564
__MT__ define not set when using -tWM Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-42803
bcc64x lacks -q compiler option Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-43024
[REGRESSION] Wrong codegen when accessing record fields from aliased generic type Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-44299
Bug in MOD operation for Win64 Release configuration Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-44063
[REGRESSION] Wrong codegen when passing empty open array to operator overload Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-43656
F2084 Internal Error: AV00000000(61060000)-W00000000-8 Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-43435
Wrong Delphi code optimization for integer div/mod Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-43418
Access violation occurs when assigning Default(T) to Custom managed record Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-43409
Arithmetic operations on record fields return incorrect results in certain cases if the "Optimization" compiler option is enabled Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-43274
Internal compiler error F2084 Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-43007
Memory leak when returining interface from inlined method Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-42907
Сombination of code breaks debugging of the whole project. Again. (x64 only) Compiler, Compiler\Delphi, Debugger RSP-43535
DBGrid displays an extra row that is not data-bound. Data RSP-41718
TField of type ftFMTBcd. EbcdException when DecimalSeparator changed Data, Data\ADO RSP-42120
SQL command parsing in ADODB.pas Data, Data\ADO RSP-41503
TDBNavigator is disable when we compile a project in Delphi 12 which was created in Delphi 11.2 Data, Data\DBCtrls RSP-44036
TDBNavigator fails to enable after disable. Data, Data\DBCtrls RSP-44017
Regression: Vcl.DBCtrls - TCustomDBLookupComboBox.WMKillFocus no longer call CloseUp Data, Data\DBCtrls RSP-44001
PopUpMenu not visible in a DBRichEdit Data, Data\DBCtrls RSP-43508
TDBNavigator: edit or extend default hints Data, Data\DBCtrls RSP-43337
OnValidate Fails to update NewValue when there is more than one record Data, Data\DBRtl RSP-44081
Blob reading is broken for 64-bit platforms in dbExpress Data, Data\DBX RSP-43326
FireDac ConnectionDefs are not fully Thread Safe Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-44235
Regression/error in TFDPhysCommandGenerator.GenerateCreateTable Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-44247
Using ftAutoInc leads to exception with Firebird and Interbase during table creation (VCL) Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-43927
D12 Firedac - Error with filter property with TFDTABLE or TFDQUERY Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-43527
TFDQBE causes an exception with TFDTable Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-43457
TSQLTimeStampOffset problems with Firebird 4 Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-43311
FiredDAC Connection editor - Data Mapping rules Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-43251
FireDAC Connection editor Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-43247
TFDTable with SQLite and filtering with upper or lower Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-43018
SavePoint / RestorePoint fail with a cloned TFDMemTable Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-42423
TFDScript - comment after command Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-41512
ClientDataSet removes decimal values (the value after the decimal point) when retrieving the value of numeric fields from PostgreSQL Data, Data\FireDAC, Data\MIDAS RSP-43379
Editing tIBDataSet.SelectSQL - add shortcut key to OK, add "Code Editor..." button Data, Data\IBX RSP-20211
Object Serilization generate AV Data, Data\REST RSP-43659
JSON serialization of typed object fails Data, Data\REST RSP-43488
TRESTRequest Resource-Parameters get encoded twice Data, Data\REST RSP-43450
Regression: TRestRequest.AddParameter double escapes '%' in Query parameters Data, Data\REST RSP-43047
TMultipartContentParser treats every part with ContentType as File Data, Data\REST RSP-39623
FMX.Listview and FDmemTable : Deleting records Data, FireMonkey RSP-43892
Event OnValidate fails when the dbgrid is full - AGAIN! Data, IDE, VCL RSP-43494
Officially support Firebird 5.0 in FireDAC Data\FireDAC RSP-44284
Ability to change username of RAD Server users Data\RADServer RSP-41163
The 64 bit debugger incorrectly evaluates open arrays Debugger RSP-43445
Debug visualizer for TArray<string> shows garbage Debugger RSP-41549
11.2: Please ship debug visualizers for generic and template types (STL for C++) Debugger RSP-39561
Run debugger does not work if FinalOutputDir contains $(MSBuildProjectName) Debugger RSP-38952
Accept $(SanitizedProjectName) in EXE path when debugging Debugger, IDE RSP-40475
bluetooth_connect permission error Android 13 Demos RSP-40501
[12.0 Regression] No event OnCameraDidFinishTaking for TTakePhotoFromCameraAction Demos, FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Runtime RSP-43515
Canvas.Clear problem on OSX when Canvas.Offset is set FireMonkey RSP-44114
TEdit font size not work in style on Android FireMonkey RSP-44085
Bug in FMX ListBox FireMonkey RSP-44067
Android TEdit Focus: Java.lang.indexOutofBoundsException FireMonkey RSP-43943
ClipParent property of a parent control can prevent caret from showing in TEdit FireMonkey RSP-43901
Regression: Tab Transition Displays wrong after transition FireMonkey RSP-43591
TEdit text is not correctly displayed when placed in a Scrollbox. FireMonkey RSP-43588
FMX TAction.SecondaryShortCuts have no effect FireMonkey RSP-43587
Change in default TStringGrid cell selection FireMonkey RSP-43534
Regression: On Mac systems, scaling on Sonoma is returning 1, and ignoring the system scaling FireMonkey RSP-43471
Wrong color for glyph in BindNavigator FireMonkey RSP-43475
TEdit.FilterChar crash app on Android FireMonkey RSP-43459
change firemonkey form.fullScreen to raise exception FireMonkey RSP-43400
Crash in FMX UpdateStyleBook on program termination FireMonkey RSP-43397
using arrow keys to navigate tabs brings exception FireMonkey RSP-43385
Delphi 12 Android TEdit error FireMonkey RSP-43383
macOS "Close" calls "OnCloseForm" twice FireMonkey RSP-43372
Skia does not seem to respect WordWrap (false) for autosized TText FireMonkey RSP-43371
InputQuery with multiple values on windows not displayed correct FireMonkey RSP-43370
[iOS] TListView set searchvisible to True, the system will crash when clicking into the search area. FireMonkey RSP-43362
iOS: Tap method is never called FireMonkey RSP-43325
Incorrect ShortCut in TActionList FireMonkey RSP-43318
"TCommonCustomForm.KeyDown" does not set reference parameters "Key" and "KeyChar" to 0 and #0 if the result of "DispatchDialogKey" is "true" FireMonkey RSP-43313
TScrollBox without ContentLayout has incorrect clip rect FireMonkey RSP-43308
Small bug in positioning TEdit selection handles FireMonkey RSP-43301
Crash on exit when using loupe service on Android FireMonkey RSP-43300
TFlowLayout exception when all its elements are set to invisible FireMonkey RSP-43299
TreeView crash FireMonkey RSP-42682
Major bug in FMX.ActnList.TCustomAction.IsDialogKey.IsSameShortCut FireMonkey RSP-42550
TFlowLayout Center Justification Broke FireMonkey RSP-42862
TTreeview crashes when scrolling in iOS FireMonkey RSP-42657
The size of the Runtime FireMonkey Form is different from the size in Designtime. FireMonkey RSP-42885
Regression: Grid Beep problem when tabbing between columns FireMonkey RSP-42992
FMX TListBox List Index Out OF Bounds FireMonkey RSP-42860
TRectAnimation does not calculate StartRect value at StartFromCurrent FireMonkey RSP-42408
TListBox Sort behaves strangely FireMonkey RSP-42319
Unnecessary FreeAndNil on local variable in FMX.Ani FireMonkey RSP-42902
Superfluous code in TAnimationDestroyer.DoAniFinished FireMonkey RSP-43086
Visual Binding get's Update command after OnClick Event FireMonkey RSP-42074
FMX printing of textfile is internally broken in PrnOpen FireMonkey RSP-41883
IOS TEdit & Password = True dont use FMX.Platform.iOS.pas -> setAutocapitalizationType FireMonkey RSP-40631
FMX Bitmap fails loading with WIC (JPEG XR format) FireMonkey RSP-39598
TDialogService.ShowMessage() not blocking in TDialogService.InputQuery() callback on Windows FireMonkey RSP-32429
Resizing Firemonkey TListView removes custom added TListViewItem at runtime FireMonkey RSP-24668
Block the use of the Hardware Back Button in FMX Android FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Actions, FireMonkey\Runtime RSP-44238
Segmentation fault in "TAndroidPhoneDialerService.Stop" when closing the app FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Runtime RSP-43707
TMemo component control type changing problem FireMonkey, IDE RSP-44113
Property of TLabel TextSettings.Trimming=Character cannot be saved. FireMonkey, IDE RSP-43374
"generer un nouveau style personnalisé" button does nothing FireMonkey, IDE RSP-39455
missing UNNotificationPresentationOptionList / UNNotificationPresentationOptionBanner in iOSapi.UserNotifications FireMonkey, RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-43500
Erro Value NumberBox no OnExit FireMonkey, RTL, RTL\Delphi, VCL RSP-43951
Support Android API Level 34 FireMonkey\Runtime, IDE\Build System, Install\GetIt RSP-42477
Fix a short link redirection to arcade game post from GitHub repository Help and Doc RSP-41769
Code completion prevents intended typing IDE RSP-44318
Collection Editor does not react to IDE Theme changes IDE RSP-43971
SVG can NOT be added as a resource IDE RSP-43958
Issue with TURI.Query Changed adding an equal sign to the URL ends with ?WSDL IDE RSP-43568
Save desktop saves the position of the second edit window wrongly IDE RSP-43433
RAD Studio splash screen with trial components IDE RSP-43429
VA stops showing members, sometimes IDE RSP-43416
Floating tool docks do not allow "mosaic" panels and make invisible panels IDE RSP-43394
Docked floating panel becomes invisible IDE RSP-43376
Impossible to type new code inside nested type in an inherited frame IDE RSP-43360
The multi-line string editor has a less than ideal keyboard interface IDE RSP-43282
New Edit WIndow changes position on any change of Layout IDE RSP-43276
HTTP Requests Do Not Work IDE RSP-43265
Structure view and Search for a method box no longer populated IDE RSP-43235
[Regression] - IDE TitleBar content misaligned in maximized state IDE RSP-42951
VA is showing members of non existence objects IDE RSP-42856
Pressing escape switches to another application IDE RSP-42755
Toolbars are broken after High DPI IDE RSP-42835
VA LSP don’t work for C++ third party libraries IDE RSP-42972
Ctrl-j - invoke template don’t work IDE RSP-42692
C++ Builder - VA looks confusing IDE RSP-43150
Quick Button Configuration Dialog displayed in fixed position IDE RSP-42897
Code Completion/LSP Failed on interface property IDE RSP-42396
AV in RTL280 when opening a project IDE RSP-42348
C++ Builder VA - Cannot see property type for most properties IDE RSP-42843
set delphi libary path issue IDE RSP-42094
After Adding Library Path, Delphi loses focus IDE RSP-41324
Editing Compiler Options Hides Rad Studio IDE RSP-41316
Markdown preview reports error when referencing images IDE RSP-41270
Object inspector shows duplicated name entries IDE RSP-40739
Incorrect "XML Data Binding" IDE RSP-40386
TwineCompile communication with RAD Studio IDE is super slow IDE RSP-40053
StyleLookup icons covnerted to Label in the IDE interface IDE RSP-39923
Searching for expressions IDE RSP-39819
Split the code editor, one unit on the left, another on the right IDE RSP-39758
$(SanitizedProjectName) doesn't work from Base configration IDE RSP-39731
Slightly strange hint on inactive code blocks IDE RSP-39406
GUI bug on setting/removing breakpoints with mouse IDE RSP-38906
IDE desktop work area becomes smaller and smaller while toolbar header taller yet blank IDE RSP-39104
"Invalid class typecast" error is received after moving the mouse cursor over client area of an undocked Component Palette. [Component Toolbar] IDE RSP-38617
RAD Studio toolbar menu spacings are strange in all layouts and DPI aware/unaware IDE RSP-39305
Change Mouse cursor to crHourGlass while switching platforms IDE RSP-38474
IDE Save Button does not reflect state IDE RSP-38001
Window header resizing issues IDE RSP-37219
[IDE MSBuild] - Some MSBuild variables are not consistently expanded inside IDE IDE RSP-37401
MS-Windows auto split screen on hover over maximize button not appear - works in BCB2007 IDE RSP-36759
REST Debugger can't copy values from table cells IDE RSP-36257
Improve New Edit Window usability IDE RSP-35934
[dccosxarm64 Hint] H2596 ld: warning: directory not found for option '-LC:\Users\Mike the Coder God\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\Imports' IDE RSP-35083
View->Edit New Window hangs IDE RSP-35082
Display ErrorInsight error message on exclamation mark icon in the gutter IDE RSP-35257
Object inspector - hint does not show whole text IDE RSP-33350
Component pallette raises "invalid class typecast" on undocking IDE RSP-33200
[IDE UX Enhancement] - Enable docking of the new editor window IDE RSP-32730
delete text icon has wrong style when search field has the focus on getit dialog box IDE RSP-32686
New Edit Window - update IDE RSP-32687
auto completion add "end" after parenthesis for anonymous methods IDE RSP-32667
Copy/Paste in Component Palette IDE RSP-31105
Code Insight (Option Auto invoke) fail (LSP) IDE RSP-29827
RAD Studio changes focus to another app after dismissing File New Dialog IDE RSP-28532
IDE Zen-mode layout IDE RSP-21408
The IDE brings another window in front when a modal IDE dialog is closed IDE RSP-22150
Splash screen just grows until it goes off the screen. IDE RSP-11309
H2596 ld: warning: directory not found for option '-L IDE, IDE\Build System RSP-32812
For android compilation, need to use aapt2 instead of aapt IDE, IDE\Build System RSP-27606
Disabling Enable Structural Highlighting should disable Highlight single-line blocks checkbox too IDE, IDE\Castalia RSP-14579
[class completion] WinAPI calling convention not recognized by IDE IDE, IDE\Code Editor RSP-31841
Bug or new Feature code completition in C++ Builder with VCL Form IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-43015
Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down cursor positions IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-33156
Lib suffix $(Auto) doesn't work with TwineCompile IDE, Linker RSP-42045
JSON Data Binding Wizard mistakenly converts string to integer IDE, RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-43366
Bug in TActionBarAccessibility.accHitTest IDE, VCL RSP-31852
Pro edition installer offers Linux but doesn't install it Install RSP-43230
During Installation Console Window opened with message missing *.pas Install RSP-43093
INC files in source folders are not read-only Install RSP-39368
Try to add a target platform macOS fails Install RSP-33150
Uninstall / Install using Tools => Manage Platforms doesnt work Install\GetIt RSP-42919
KSVC: TRzCheckBox bottom/right anchor problem with monitor DPI change and autosize Konopka, VCL RSP-40058
Hint after compilation an empty project for macOS 64-bit or macOS ARM 64-bit Linker RSP-42840
TImage->Picture->LoadFromStream from resource and svg graphic don't work/crashes with need to restart radstudio RTL, RTL\C++ RSP-43619
STL missing method RTL, RTL\C++ RSP-43479
Broken implementation of std::disjunction. RTL, RTL\C++ RSP-40265
Problem using readdir/opendir with bcc64 RTL, RTL\C++ RSP-39873
Introduced bug into System.DateUtils.DecodeISO8601Date() RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-44270
FreeLibrary result on Linux is inverted, it reports false when should be true RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-44047
TXMLNode.DeclareNamespace, the test to see if the namespace node already exists is wrong RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-43977
Incorrect precision for extended stored in JSON objects in 64 bits RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-43976
THttpClient with Android and AuthEvent RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-43939
TStreamReader - Buffered Data can grow indefinitely RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-43490
StrToFloat returns wrong values (in Win64 but not Win32) RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-43485
JSON serialization error with scientific double notation RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-43463
Optimization for _UStrSetLength RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-42508
Removal of DivBy100 and DivBy100000000 RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-42608
TArray.Copy<T> fail. RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-42502
TZipfile, ZIP64 Support broken (Invalid Zip Central Header signature) RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-42478
TJson.ObjectToJsonString to generate JSON avoid use listHelper on TObjectList data RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-41929
TZipFile FCurrentFile not set for Add of Stream or TBytes RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-41720
Formatting with leading zeros RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-41384
RoundTo is not threadsafe (probably same for function like StrToFloat, etc.) RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-39428
TRect.Add and UnionF problem with Empty rectangles RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-38757
Bug in ExpandVolumeName (SysUtils) RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-20184
High cpu usage with TFileStream and TParallel RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Threads RSP-43540
Error in parsing URL parameters without values in NetHttpClient RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-44150
NetHttpClient parsing URL parameters is incorrect RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-43422
Memory Leak in processing SOAP Response with attachments SOAP RSP-41924
MDI with styles and VCL RSP-44308
MDI menu merge D12 regression VCL RSP-44220
TWICImage does not implement CanLoadFromStream() even though it can be loaded from a TStream VCL RSP-44115
TCustomListView having virtual items loses items on RecreateWnd VCL RSP-44056]
Issue with Styles in MDI app VCL RSP-44044
TImage cant load SVG from resource VCL RSP-43961
Issue with TListView.Items.Clear VCL RSP-43907
MDI Windows Tile Vertically/Horizontally does not work VCL RSP-43585
When MDI form & Custom Styles are used together, the Process cannot be terminated. VCL RSP-43551
New VisualManager feature causes crash in TCustomForm.WndProc() with Action=caFree VCL RSP-43547
Screen flashing when using TFormTabsBar in maximized mode VCL RSP-42771
Bad UI when using quick configuration for RadioGroup: VCL RSP-42697
Immersive Dark Mode should check 20348 not 22000 VCL RSP-43119
TNumberBox doesn't accept input VCL RSP-42131
TStackPanel cut off at high dpi VCL RSP-41964
TTouchKeyboard contains empty layout VCL RSP-41925
ProgressBar.State isn't supported under VCL Styles VCL RSP-41815
Hidden buttons on TToolBar, unexpected behaviour VCL RSP-41413
Bug in TActionBarAccessibility.accHitTest method VCL RSP-41319
THeaderControl section reordering: Just rewrite the control from scratch VCL RSP-41252
THeaderControl section reordering: section identity messed up VCL RSP-41250
TStatusBar Font is incorrect on secondary monitors after system change VCL RSP-41192
XE112: VCL: TToolbar Chevron button is missing when enabled VCLStyles VCL RSP-39967
Tlistview still show scrollbars after visible=false if a style other than windows is used VCL RSP-39869
Delphi 11.2 High DPI - TCategoryPanelGroup and TDBCtrlGrid scaling issues VCL RSP-39856
TStyleManager.TrySetStyle fails when using PopupMode = pmExplicit in main form VCL RSP-39019
Sort arrow not painted in ListView Columns header - When using a Style VCL RSP-37136
TPopupMenu sub-items right arrow painted old style with ImageList and/or Style VCL RSP-37052
Incorrectly scaling in HighDPI when using TRzSplitter VCL RSP-35777
All TControlIist predefined layouts have the same name VCL RSP-32628
Component does not update when align is changed. VCL RSP-22327

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