Submitting Your App to the App Store (iOS)

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This topic explains the steps required to submit your applications to the App Store, the Apple store for iOS applications.


Before you can submit your application to the App Store:

  1. Configure iTunes Connect to wait for you to upload your application package.
  2. Prepare your application for deployment. In order to meet all App Store prerequisites so that they do not reject your application, on the Project > Options > Version Info page, make sure that CFBundleIdentifier is the second part of your app ID, the bundle ID, which you can obtain from the iTunes Connect application entry that you previously configured. For example: com.mycompany.myapp.
  3. Create an application archive file that you can submit to the App Store.

Submitting Your Application

To submit your iOS application to the App Store:

  1. On the Mac, run the Application Loader application.
  2. On the Application Loader, select Deliver App.
  3. In the combo box, select the application entry you previously created on iTunes Connect.
  4. Click the Choose button, and browse to the application archive file (.ipa) that you previously created.
    Tip: You do not need to bring your application archive file from your development PC into your Mac. You can find the original copy of the application archive file on the Mac, inside the scratch directory.
  5. Click Send.

At this point, your application goes through the following testing process:

  1. The Application Loader starts a first round of automated tests on your application. If your application passes this first round of tests, the Application Loader proceeds to send your application archive file to Apple.
  2. When Apple gets the file, they perform on their end another round of automated tests on your application. If your application passes this second round of tests, Apple puts your application in a queue for manual testing.
  3. Eventually, Apple reviews your application manually.

When your application passes or fails any of those tests, you get an email notification.

If your application fails any test, the submission of your application to the App Store is aborted. You must fix the reported error and repeat the steps in this page, including the prerequisites listed above. For example, if Apple tells you that your bundle ID entries do not match, check that you configured in Project > Options > Version Info a value for the CFBundleIdentifier key that fits the app ID you created for your application.

If your application passes all the tests, your application is published in the App Store, or scheduled to be released in the future if you specified so when you configured the entry for your application on iTunes Connect.

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