Creating Custom Gestures

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You can design your own custom gestures in RAD Studio.

  1. Enable gesturing by following the steps described in Using Gesturing in Your Applications.
  2. Open the Custom Gestures dialog box by doing either of the following:
    • In the Form Designer, double-click the Gesture Manager assigned to the component that will use the custom gesture.
    • In the Object Inspector, open the property editor (the Select Gestures dialog box) by clicking the ellipsis ProjectOptionsEllipsis.jpg on the Gestures node. Then click Manage custom gestures.
  3. In the Custom Gestures dialog box, click Create. The Custom Gesture Designer opens.
  4. In the Custom Gesture Designer, draw a proposed gesture. The designer analyzes the gesture and displays the coordinates (X/Y) for the points on the gesture. If the gesture is confusingly similar to any existing gesture, a warning is displayed.

Note: Use the Custom Gesture Designer to:

  • Edit a custom gesture
  • Record a custom gesture
  • Test a custom gesture
  • Add/delete points on the line of the custom gesture

For more details, see Custom Gesture Designer.

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