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To open the Custom Gestures dialog box, do one of the following:

  • In the Form Designer, double-click the Gesture Manager (such as Vcl.Touch.GestureMgr.TGestureManager) assigned to the component that will use the custom gesture.
  • In the Object Inspector, open the property editor (the Select Gestures dialog box) by double-clicking the ellipsis (ProjectOptionsEllipsis.jpg) for the Gestures node. Then click Manage custom gestures.

See Using Gesturing in Your Applications for further information about enabling applications to use gestures.

Item Description


Lists the names of all cusom gestures that you have created.


Lists the ID number associated with each custom gesture that you have created.


Opens the Custom Gesture Designer dialog box, on which you can create and test your own custom gestures.


Deletes the selected custom gesture from the list of Recorded Gestures.


Opens the Custom Gesture Designer dialog box, with the selected custom gesture displayed.


Opens the standard File Open dialog box. You can import binary gesture files (.dgf files).


Opens the standard Save As dialog box. You can export binary gesture files (.dgf files).

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