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Go Up to File Menu

FireMonkey Mobile Application WizardRev3.png

File > New > Multi-Device Application - Delphi
File > New > Multi-Device Application - C++Builder

Creates the framework for a multi-device application and opens the Form Designer with the base form (FMX.Forms.TForm) displayed.

A multi-device application can run on any platform that RAD Studio supports; multi-device applications are not limited to either desktop or mobile platforms. By default, new multi-device applications are configured with all the supported target platforms.

Multi-device applications support two of the three major libraries of RAD Studio: FireMonkey and the RTL. Multi-device applications do not support the VCL. For more information on how to develop multi-device applications and which technologies you can use on multi-device applications, see Developing Multi-Device Applications.

Types of Multi-Device Applications You Can Create

The Multi-Device Application wizard presents these choices:

See Multi-Device Application Templates.

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