Specifying the Columns

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If you know the dataset for the table at design time, you can use the Columns editor to customize the columns' field bindings and display attributes. Select the table producer component, and right-click. From the context menu, choose the Columns editor. This lets you add, delete, or rearrange the columns in the table. You can set the field bindings and display properties of individual columns in the Object Inspector after selecting them in the Columns editor.

If you are getting the name of the dataset from the HTTP request message, you can't bind the fields in the Columns editor at design time. However, you can still customize the columns programmatically at run time, by setting up the appropriate Web.DBWeb.THTMLTableColumn objects and using the methods of the Columns property to add them to the table. If you do not set up the Columns property, the table producer creates a default set of columns that match the fields of the dataset and specify no special display characteristics.

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