Advanced Client-Side Performance Monitoring

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For advanced performance monitoring and management, DBArtisan’s optional Performance Analyst provides intelligent diagnostic information and strong drill-down details to help you get to the heart of any episode of performance degradation. Performance Analyst integrates completely with DBArtisan so that you can fix any performance problems with a few clicks of the mouse.

Note: Performance Analyst is available for Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase ASE and DB2 for Unix, Windows, and Linux.
Note: Performance Analyst is a separately-licensed component. If you are not working with an evaluation copy of DBArtisan or do not have a specific license, proceed to Session 10: General Utilities and Tools. Contact your license administrator or your IDERA representative about obtaining a license.
  1. On the Datasource Explorer, select any Oracle datasource.
  2. On the Analyst menu, select Performance Analyst. The Performance Analyst opens in the DBArtisan workspace for the target datasource.
    In addition to the Home page displayed initially, Performance Analyst presents several pages of statistics. Page categories include Memory, I/O, Space, Objects, Users, and OS. Each page contains several panes of related statistics, the Home page’s Key Ratio Analysis pane, for example:
    Note the toolbar at the top of the Performance Analyst. It lets you navigate among the Performance Analyst statistics pages.
  3. Experiment with displaying the various pages available from the toolbar dropdowns.

See the DBArtisan online help Performance Analyst topics for a detailed walkthrough of all available features and functionality.

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