Monitoring Sessions

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Go Up to Session 8: Performance Management

While this example is specific to Oracle the Process Monitor is available for all of the supported platforms.

To start the DBArtisan Process Monitor:

  1. On the Datasource Explorer, select any Oracle datasource.
  2. From the Utilities menu, select Database Monitor.
    The Database Monitor includes the following options and features:
    • Highlight any session and any currently running SQL is displayed in the lower pane.
    • You can drill-down into a specific session to display session-level statistical details, historical and current wait events along with a working copy of the currently running SQL that can be copied to an ISQL for Explain Plan generation.
    • By using the Monitor dropdown options you can display more advanced database-level monitoring data such as locks, blocking locks, hit ratio by user, Top 20 SQL, etc.
  3. Close the Database Monitor pane.

Proceed to Advanced Client-Side Performance Monitoring.