Creating a Term

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Go Up to Working with Terms

To create a term:

  1. Select Terms.
  2. Click the New Term button on the upper-right corner.
  3. On the New Term dialog box that opens:
    1. Enter the Name of your new Term.
    2. Define the Status of the Term using a nomenclature you decide upon. You can use for example the following nomenclature: "Approved", "Not Yet Approved", "Implemented", "Not Yet Implemented", or "Deprecated".
    3. You are also able to choose a Term Entity Type. You can also choose your own nomenclature. For example, Entity Term Type could provide a way to distinguish between different types of Terms. This makes it easier for you to see the relationship and understand the distinction. It also allows for Terms with the same name but different type. Examples of types might include the Subject Area, Documents, Reports or Domains.
    4. Optionally, if you want to add your new Term to existing glossaries, for each one of those glossaries:
      1. Write in the Related Glossaries text field the name of the glossary.
        Tip: As you write the name of the glossary, a context menu appears listing existing glossaries. You can click an item in the context menu instead of manually writing the whole name of the glossary.
      2. Click Add to include the glossaries in the list of related glossaries.
        Note: Click the RemoveItem.gif icon to the right-hand side of a glossary in the list under Related Glossaries to remove the glossary from the list of related glossaries.
    5. Write a Description that provides detailed information about the Term, such as its purpose and audience.
    6. Click Save to save your new Term.

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