Editing a Schedule

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Go Up to Overview of Scheduling

To edit a scheduler job:

  1. Select My Settings > Admin > Subscriptions.
  2. Locate the target scheduler job in one of the subscriptions tables.
  3. On the row of the target scheduler job, click Edit in the Action column.

In the page that opens you can edit the scheduler job properties and the action sequences associated with the scheduler job.

To modify the properties of the scheduler job, change their values in the fields at the beginning of the page, and click Modify when you finish to save your changes.

To add or remove action sequences from the scheduler job:

  1. Click Set content for this schedule.
  2. On the page that opens:
    1. Check or uncheck action sequences from the list of enabled action sequences to add or remove them from the scheduler job, respectively.
    2. Click Submit to save your changes.

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