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Go Up to Admin

My Settings > Admin > Subscriptions (super users)

From the Subscriptions page you can create and manage subscriptions, subscription schedules and scheduled jobs.


The Subscriptions page provides:

Subscriptions Actions

The Subscriptions page provides the following actions:

Item Description


Pauses all scheduled jobs until you restart them manually.

Add Schedule

Opens a page to create a new schedule. See Creating a Schedule.

Set Content

Opens a page to select subscription content from all available action sequences. See Enabling Action Sequences for Scheduling.


Updates the Subscription Content table to show any additions or changes.

Subscriptions Tables

The Subscriptions page provides two tables of subscriptions: Scheduled subscriptions and Subscription Content.

Both tables provide the following columns:

Item Description

Job - Name / Title

The name and the title of the job.


A description of the job.

CRON expression

The CRON Expression that determines the schedule of the job.

Fire Time - Last / Next

The time and date of the last execution and the next scheduled execution of the job.

# Subs

Number of subscriptions.


State of the job.


Actions that you can perform on the job.

The following actions are available on each item:

Action Description

(only paused scheduled subscriptions)

Resumes the job.

(only running scheduled subscriptions)

Suspends the job.

Run Now
(only scheduled subscriptions)

Runs the job immediately.

(only subscriptions without scheduled jobs)

Schedules the job.


Opens a page to edit the scheduler job. See Editing a Schedule.

On top of the Subscriptions without scheduled jobs table, you can click Schedule All to schedule all jobs at once.

Subscription Content Table

This table displays the actions available for the content that you select with the Set Content command.

Item Description

Action Sequence

Path of the action sequence.


The following actions are available on each item:

Action Description


Opens the Edit Action Sequence Page.


Removes the target item from the list.

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