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Linked Terms allow you to implement Terms in your Glossaries much faster and make use of taxonomies already in use.

A Linked Term is a term associated to an ER Object, taking the name and description from it. Linked Terms are automatically created when a Domain, Model or Submodel ER Object is synchronized. Their properties are populated from the ER Object.

It is possible to create Linked Terms by clicking the option in the header of the ER Object.

Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: Linked Terms can be exported but cannot be imported since they only exist when linked to an object.

Enable Linked Terms Creation

To enable Linked Terms to be automatically created you need to modify a property value in the configuration file located at <installation dir>\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\ .

The property is linkedtermsetl.enabled=false. Change the value to true to enable the creation of Linked Terms. It is necessary to restart Tomcat after changing the property.

Enable Linked Terms Creation on Repositorty Standalone Upgrade Scenario

To enable Linked Terms when upgrading from an environment having only Repository installed, an extra step needs to be performed.

First enable the Linked Term creation with the procedure above and then execute the following query against the database before performing the data migration.

Update SYNC_PROPERTY set VALUE = (select min(Object_History_ID) from Object_History) where NAME= 'Object_History_LastId';

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