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Go Up to ER Tools

ER Tools > Model Explorer

The Model Explorer page provides a hierarchical-based navigation of the repository projects and workspaces. This hierarchy displays the project name or workspace name, diagram, model, submodel, data dictionary, and data lineage of every project included on the Repository.

When you browse the resources in the hierarchy, you can:

  • Click the link on any ER object to open its ER object page, which provides detailed information about the ER object, and links to related ER object pages.
  • Hover models, submodels, data flows, and diagrams to show a tooltip with additional information (modification date, last editor, children count, and so on). When you hover an ER object with ModelExplorerShowImage.gif on its right-hand side, the tooltip includes a miniature image of the ER object.

You can click Refresh Tree to update the contents of the tree view without refreshing the page.

Note: Refreshing the tree collapses most tree view nodes, leaving only the main node and both the Projects and Workspaces nodes visible.

Nodes and Resources on the Model Explorer

The various nodes and resources in the tree view of the Model Explorer are indicated by icons and labels. This is how the list of nodes and resources looks like when the Repository is empty:

  • ModelExplorerReportingRepository.gif <Team Server Domain Name>
    • ModelExplorerProject.gif Projects
    • ModelExplorerProject.gif Workspaces

Model Explorer Actions

Some nodes in the tree view provide one or more of the following actions:

Action Description


Expands the target ER object in the tree view to show its child ER objects.


Collapses the target ER object in the tree view to hide its child ER objects.

Show Image

Opens the Interactive Diagram Viewer that shows the target ER object.

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