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Go Up to Navigation Menu (social)

The ER Tools tab, only available for social users, gives you access to the following pages:

Item Description

Model Explorer

Browse the contents of the ER/Studio Repository. A list of projects, diagrams, data flows, dictionaries, and workspaces contained within each project folder of the repository is available. From this list, browse the contents of any ER object by double-clicking the ER object you want to navigate. When an ER object is selected, a detailed ER object page is displayed for that ER object.

Favorite Reports

Provides access to the reports that you have marked as favorites.

My Reports

Shows details of reports that you have schedules for execution in the background, or have already executed. You can save and delete these reports as you choose.

Shared Reports

Gives you access to pre-set and custom public reports, and lets you view your scheduled reports or create new reports.