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Team Server provides several standard reports. You can access the standard reports from the Solution Browser page. See Shared Reports for a list of available standard reports.

When you execute a standard report, you are prompted to supply custom parameters that filter and format the results of the report. Those parameters depend on each other; that is, the value that you choose for one parameter determines the available values for other parameters. For example, if you select a certain project, you can only select diagrams that exist within the selected project. See Generating a Shared Report to learn how to use standard reports.

Team Server lets you generate reports not only in HTML, but in PDF and XLS (Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) as well. You can save reports to run later and share them with other users. You can also print and email the reports.

Using the Web Adhoc Query and Reporting wizard, you can create your own custom reports, and save them into the Solution Browser page, where you can organize them into folders. You can run your custom reports whenever you want, and you can share them with other users.

The content of the custom reports is limited to the structured business views created using metadata. The metadata module generates SQL code based on business views that you specified during development. You can modify the business views using the Pentaho Metadata software.


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