Adding a Shared Report to Favorite Reports

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You can save the parameters of a shared report in your list of Favorite Reports, so you can later access the report easily.

To make a shared report favorite:

  1. Open the Solution Browser page:
  2. Under Shared Reports, click either Business Reports or Technical Reports.
  3. Click the name of the report you want to make favorite. For additional information about the standard reports, see Shared Reports.
    Note: Users can see all shared reports, regardless of whether or not they have permission to access the ER objects that the report accesses. However, when users that try to run a report that access ER objects which users do not have permission to access, users get an error message instead of the results of the report.
  4. On the Shared Report Configuration Page page that opens:
    1. Choose the parameters for your report.
    2. In the View as combo box, choose the desired type of output for the report results: html, pdf or xls.
    3. Click Add to Favorites.
  5. In the Add to favorites dialog that opens:
    1. Enter a Name to save the report with in the Favorite Reports list.
    2. Write a Description for the report.
    3. Check the Shared checkbox if you want to make the shared report public.
    4. Click Submit to make the shared report favorite.

After you save your new report as favorite, you can find it in the Favorite Reports page. If you are a non-social user, you can find your favorite reports in the Home page as well.

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