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Before you begin, please review the Upgrade Notes specific to your previous version and the Release Notes.

To upgrade your Embarcadero Connect installation to a newer version:

  1. Run the installer for Embarcadero Connect, this will automatically uninstall your current Embarcadero Connect installation. If you wish to uninstall your previous version of Embarcadero Connect manually, please review the information below regarding the backing up of your licenses.
  2. Install your new version of Embarcadero Connect.

Supported Versions for Upgrading

Upgrading releases of ER/Studio Portal prior to 2.0 is not supported for this release. Please review the Upgrade Notes for further information.

Keeping Your Licenses When Upgrading

If you have previously installed ER/Studio Portal 2.x you will need to manually back up your license file as explained below. If you are upgrading from Connect 3.x the Embarcadero Connect installer will automatically back up and use your existing add-on license files. But there are two exceptions:

  • You are upgrading and during the installation you choose a different Reporting repository than the one used in your previous installation. In this case you must copy the license.txt file from the backup directory to the license directory in the new Embarcadero Connect license directory, <installation folder>\license\. Depending on the operating system, you can find the license file at one of these backup locations:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ersEnterprisePortalBackup\license
    • C:\Program Files\Common Files\ersEnterprisePortalBackup\license
  • You have installed a previous version on one computer and now want to install Embarcadero Connect 3.0 on a different computer. In this case, there is no license to back up so you must use the license file from the previous installation. Copy the license.txt file from the previous installation to the new installation. The license file resides in <installation folder>\license\.

After copying over the license file to <installation folder>\license\, from the Embarcadero Connect console, go to Admin > Licenses, and click Refresh, so that Embarcadero Connect recognizes and uses the license.

Reports Update when Upgrading

This section explains how to deal with the upgrade from previous versions when the adhoc report metadata changes with respect to the new version. Changes include adding new model into an adhoc report, or changing field name in the existing adhoc report.

Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: The following instructions affect the upgrade from previous versions in which the adhoc report metadata changes with respect to the actual version. For example, The Connect Model option is not available until Connect 3.0.2. For this reason, when upgrading from releases prior to Connect 3.0.1 to versions Connect 3.0.2 or higher, you should follow these steps. Particularly, when upgrading from Connect 3.0.2, the Connect Model option appears on the New Report page but if you move to the next page, the custom attribute options are missing until these steps are executed.

If the adhoc report metadata changes when you upgrade from a previous version, you should follow the following steps after installing the new version:

  1. Select My Settings > Admin > Repository Management.
  2. Click More button.
  3. Click on the options in the following order:
    1. Refresh Reporting Metadata.
    2. Execute Global Action.
    3. Refresh System Settings.
  4. Click Close.
  5. Click on Update Solution Repository in My Settings > Admin > Repository Management.
  6. Wait until a message of successful update appears.

After you upgrade Embarcadero Connect

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