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Directories create an alias to an external operating system directory to your database files, which can be used for storing large binary object files. When you create a directory, provide the full path name to the outside operating system where the BFILE's are stored. This object lets you store large files, such as video, outside of the database. The directory object lets you provide a simple alias to the full path name of an outside server's file system, which you can then use to point to the files when creating procedural logic objects. This saves the developer from having to type the full path name when coding.

To create a Directory object, you need CREATE ANY DIRECTORY system privileges. You also create or have in place a corresponding operating system directory to store the file. This directory must have the correct read permissions for Oracle processes.

Creating and editing

DBMS platform availability and object actions/operations supported

The table below lists the platforms on which this object type is available. It also lists the object actions available against objects of this type For an introduction to object actions and details on usage of specific actions, see Object actions.