Logins Editor (SQL Server)

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The Logins Editor lets you manage basic properties for a login, associated users and roles, and accounting.

To edit a login:

  1. Open an editor on the login. For details, see Opening an Object Editor.
  2. Use the following table as a guide to understanding and modifying the settings on the tabs of this editor:
Tab Settings and tasks


Lets you view or modify the following properties set when creating the login: Name, Default Database, Default Language, Password, Check Policy, Check Expiration, Must Change, Certificate, and Asymmetric Key. For detailed information on these settings, see Logins Wizard (SQL Server). In addition, when editing an existing login, you have access to the following settings:

Currently Logged In

Displays whether the user is currently logged in.


Enabled, an ALTER LOGIN... ENABLE is submitted following the CREATE LOGIN statement issued by the editor. Disabled, an ALTER LOGIN... DISABLE is submitted

Server Roles

Lets you add the login as a member of one or more fixed server roles. For more information, see Logins (SQL Server) - Server Roles.


Lets you add and remove user accounts for this login to specified databases. For more detailed information, see Logins (SQL Server) - Users.


For details on using this tab, see Viewing the SQL/DDL for an Object.

3. When finished, you can submit your changes. For details, see Previewing and Submitting Object Editor Changes.