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The User Guide focuses on the key features and capabilities of the application.The table below describes the sections of the online Help:

Section Description

Application Basics

Explains the application design, navigation tools, and important concepts, as well as how to configure the application.

Using ER/Studio Business Architect

Explains how to use workspaces, projects, models, diagrams, and diagram elements as part of the modeling process.

Working with ER/Studio Repository

Explains how to configure and connect to the repository to get, check in, and check out workspaces, diagrams, and models.

Using Business Process Modeling Notations

Explains how to work with the Business Process Modeling Notation.

Using Conceptual Modeling Notations

Explains how to work with the Conceptual Modeling Notation.

ER/Studio Business Architect Tools

This chapter covers the main tools used in ER/Studio Business Architect: Create Diagrams from Selected Elements, Find, Search, Links, Usages, Grid Editor, Reports, and Views.

ER/Studio Business Architect Tools - Importing and Exporting

This chapter covers Conceptual Models Import and Export to ER/Studio, External Data Objects Import and Export to ER/Studio, and Visio Import.

Property Views

Explains the fields in the Property View.


Defines words used in ER/Studio Business Architect and this documentation.