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Help Resources



An offline copy of the official documentation is available from Home > Help > PHP Manual. While on the Code Editor, F1 will open the offline documentation on a page relevant to the currently selected code.

To update the offline PHP documentation, or include a translated version on the language you use HTML5 Builder with:

  1. Go into HTML5 Builder installation directory, and inside help\php:
    • If you want to update English documentation, empty the English folder (remove all its content).
    • If you want to add documentation on the language you use for HTML5 Builder, create an empty folder named as that language (as seen on Home > Options > Environment Options > Interface Language).
  2. Download the official documentation as Many HTML files, and extract them into that folder.
  3. Restart HTML5 Builder for the changes to take effect.

You can also access the official documentation online here.


The following documentation resources focus on security when writing PHP code:

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