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function AS_GetProviderNames: OleVariant; safecall;


HRESULT __safecall AS_GetProviderNames(System::OleVariant &__AS_GetProviderNames_result);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function protected
Soap.SOAPDm TSoapDataModule


Returns a list of all the available providers on the SOAP data module.

Call AS_GetProviderNames for a list of all registered providers available from a SOAP data module. These values indicate the possible values for the ProviderName property of a client dataset that connects to the SOAP data module. When calling any of the SOAP data modules through the IAppServer interface, pass one of these names to indicate the provider that is the target of the method call.

AS_GetProviderNames returns the names of the providers in a Variant array. Client datasets are associated with a provider by setting their ProviderName property to one of these names.

Note: Applications can only call the protected AS_GetProviderNames method using the IAppServer interface.

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