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Defines classes, routines, types and variables for using vectors and matrixes.

Package rtl280.bpl


TMatrix3DConstantsMatrix used for TMatrix3D operations.
TMatrixConstantsMatrix used for TMatrix operations.
TQuaternion3DConstantsMatrix used for TQuaternion3D operations.


Point3DGenerates a 3D point based on the given 3D space coordinates.
PointFReturns a TVector variable converted to TPointF.
VectorGenerates a vector based on the given X and Y 2D coordinates.
Vector3DGenerates a 3D vector based on the given 3D space coordinates.


PPoint3DPointer to a TPoint3D variable.
PVectorPointer to a TVector variable.
PVector3DPointer to a TVector3D variable.
tagVECTORDescribes a vector in a two-dimensional space.
tagVECTOR3DClass for vectors in 3D space.
TCubicBezierDefines a cubic Bezier curve.
TEpsilonRepresents the minimum positive non-zero value.
TMatrixTMatrix is an array of vectors in a two-dimensional space. It is used for vector transformations in 2D-space.
TMatrix3DRepresents a 4-by-4 matrix type.
TMatrix3DTypeDefines a 3D matrix that consists of 4 3D vectors.
TMatrix3DTypeBaseDescribes a 3D matrix as an array of tagVECTOR3D variables.
TMatrixArrayDescribes a matrix as an array of TVector.
TMaxtrixArrayBaseDescribes a matrix as an array of 3 tagVECTOR variables.
TPoint3DRepresents a point in 3D space.
TPolygonSpecifies a polygon as an array of TPointF.
TQuaternion3DQuaternion number type.
TVectorTVector is a vector in a two-dimensional space.
TVector3DClass for vectors in 3D space.
TVector3DArrayArray of 3D vectors.
TVector3DArrayBaseArray of 3 tagVECTOR3D.
TVector3DTypeDefines a 3D vector that consists of 4 floating-point Single values.
TVectorArrayArray of TVector values.


NullPoint3DConstant representing a TPoint3D value with null coordinates.
NullVector3DConstant representing a TVector3D value with null coordinates.