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property ImeName: TImeName read FImeName write FImeName;


__property TImeName ImeName = {read=FImeName, write=FImeName};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
Vcl.Controls TWinControl


Specifies the input method editor (IME) to use for converting keyboard input to Asian language characters.

Set ImeName to specify which IME to use for converting keystrokes. An IME is a front-end input processor for Asian language characters. The IME hooks all keyboard input, converts it to Asian characters in a conversion window, and sends the converted characters or strings on to the application.

ImeName must specify one of the IMEs that has been installed through the Windows control panel. The property inspector provides a drop-down list of all currently installed IMEs on the system. At runtime, applications can obtain a list of currently installed IMEs from the global Screen variable.

If ImeName specifies an unavailable IME, the IME that was active when the application started is used instead. No exception is generated.

Note: The value of ImeName only takes effect when the control receives focus. To change the value of ImeName after the control has input focus, call the SetIme method.

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