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property FixedCols: Integer read FFixedCols write SetFixedCols default 1;


__property int FixedCols = {read=FFixedCols, write=SetFixedCols, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
Vcl.Grids TCustomGrid


Specifies the number of columns on the left of the grid that cannot be scrolled.

Set FixedCols to create or get rid of nonscrolling columns. Nonscrolling columns appear at the left of the grid, and are always visible, even when the user scrolls the other columns in the grid. Use nonscrolling columns for displaying row titles or row numbers, or to implement a scroll lock that the user can set.

Nonscrolling columns are visually distinct from the scrollable columns in the grid. They are painted with a separate background color, and their cells have a raised, 3-D look.

Note: Grids must include at least one scrolling column. Do not set FixedCols to a value greater than ColCount - 1.

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