FMX.Types3D.TContext3D Properties

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BeginSceneCountpublicThe counter of successful calls to BeginScene, which are not terminated by calls to EndScene.
CenterOffsetpublicRepresents the distance to the center of this 3D context.
ChangeShaderCountpublicRepresents the number of times the shaders have been set for a scene.
ChangeStateCountpublicRepresents the number of times the state of the context has been changed for a scene.
CurrentCameraInvMatrixpublicRepresents the inverse matrix of CurrentCameraMatrix.
CurrentCameraMatrixpublicRepresents the matrix for the current camera.
CurrentMatrixpublicRepresents the transformation matrix for this 3D context.
CurrentModelViewProjectionMatrixpublicRepresents the product matrix of view, model and projection matrices.
CurrentOpacitypublicRepresents the current opacity for the 3D context.
CurrentPixelShaderpublicRepresents the pixel shader that is currently set.
CurrentProjectionMatrixpublicRepresents the projection matrix for this 3D context.
CurrentScissorRectpublicRepresents the current scissor rectangle.
CurrentScreenMatrixpublicRepresents the screen matrix.
CurrentStatespublicSpecifies if the AIndex state is activated or not.
CurrentVertexShaderpublicRepresents the vertex shader that is currently set.
DefaultMaterialpublicSpecifies the default material for the 3D context.
DepthStencilpublicSpecifies whether depth stencil surfaces are created in the current context.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
FPSpublicRepresents the frame rate of the 3D context.
HeightpublicRepresents the height of this 3D context.
IndexBufferSupportpublicIndicates the supported index buffer limit of the currently selected hardware-accelerated layer.
LightspublicSpecifies the list of lights available for this context.
MultisamplepublicRepresents the anti-aliasing (multisampling) mode.
ParentpublicSpecifies the parent of this 3D context.
ScalepublicScale of the 3D context.
TexturepublicRepresents the texture associated with this context.
WidthpublicRepresents the width of this 3D context.