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function  AS_GetParams(const ProviderName: OleStr; var OwnerData: OleVariant): OleVariant; safecall;


virtual HRESULT __safecall AS_GetParams(const System::WideString ProviderName, System::OleVariant &OwnerData, System::OleVariant &__AS_GetParams_result) = 0 ;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Datasnap.Midas IAppServer


Fetches current parameter values from the dataset bound to a specified provider.

Use AS_GetParams to retrieve the current parameter values from the dataset associated with a provider.

The ProviderName parameter specifies the name of the provider component whose dataset has the parameters.

The OwnerData represents custom information that originates in a client dataset's BeforeGetParams event handler and returns information that is passed to the client dataset's AfterGetParams event handler.

AS_GetParams _result (C++) or AS_GetParams (Delphi) returns the parameters, encoded as a Variant array, where each element is a 2-element Variant array containing a parameter name and a parameter value. These parameters can be converted to a TParams object using the UnpackParams procedure. If the dataset has no parameters, or if the provider does not support parameter fetching, AS_GetParams _result (C++) or AS_GetParams (Delphi) returns a Null Variant.

Note: AS_GetParams should not be used to retrieve output parameters from stateless application servers, because parameter values may be changed by other applications. When writing a stateless application server, retrieve parameter values using the AS_Execute method instead.

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