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function GetParams(var OwnerData: OleVariant): OleVariant; virtual;


virtual System::OleVariant __fastcall GetParams(System::OleVariant &OwnerData);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Datasnap.Provider TCustomProvider


Returns the current parameter values.

GetParams returns a variant array of variant arrays that contains the current parameter values for the provider's data source. The first array dimension is an index into all the parameter values. Its value runs from 0 to one less than the number of parameters. The second array dimension has four values: The parameter name (a Delphi string or a C++ AnsiString), the parameter data type (a TFieldType), the parameter type (a TParamType), and the parameter value (a Variant). The values in this array can be applied to a TParams object using the global UnpackParams procedure.

Before fetching the current parameter values, GetParams generates a BeforeGetParams event, passing the value supplied as the OwnerData parameter to the event handler. After creating the OleVariant that contains the parameter values, GetParams generates an AfterGetParams event, passing in the current value of OwnerData. Finally, the value of OwnerData returned by the AfterGetParams is returned in the OwnerData parameter.

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