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TPathData = class(TInterfacedPersistent, IFreeNotification)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TPathData : public System::Classes::TInterfacedPersistent


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Graphics FMX.Graphics


TPathData represents a series of connected curves and lines.

Use TPathData to build graphic shapes by connecting a series of curves and lines. TPathData can be drawn and filled on objects that have a TCanvas as a component.

Use TPathData to create the path to be followed when applying a TPathAnimation.

TPathData maintains the coordinates of geometric shapes in world coordinate space in an array of TPathPoint. Each saved point has a specific type, to identify the primitive shape it is defining. Complex shapes of a TPathData are composed of a sequence of primitive shapes like lines and curves. To access the array of TPathPoint, use Count and Points.

A TPathData can be initialized by setting the Data property, or by adding explicitly each new shape. TPathData has defined a way to add shapes explicitly. See the TPathData functions.

When a TPathData is constructed, each new added shape is appended to the end of the TPathData, by default. The start point of the new shape is the end point of the previous shape. To customize the start point of a new element to be added, use the MoveTo or MoveToRel method.

There are graphic shapes predefined as objects that can be dragged from the Tool Palette to the 'Form'. See FMX.Objects.

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