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Contains the SQLite driver and service components for FireDAC.

Package FireDACSqliteDriver270.bpl


TFDPhysSQLiteDriverLinkUse the TFDPhysSQLiteDriverLink component to link the SQLite driver to an application and set it up.
TFDSQLiteBackupThe class implementing the SQLite backup, restore and copy database functionality.
TFDSQLiteCollationThe class implementing a custom SQLite collation.
TFDSQLiteFunctionThe class implementing a custom SQLite function.
TFDSQLiteRTreeThe class implementing a custom SQLite RTree module.
TFDSQLiteSecurityThe class allowing you to manage a SQLite database encryption.
TFDSQLiteServiceThe base class for all SQLite service classes.
TFDSQLiteValidateThe class implementing a SQLite database validation service.




Firedac_Phys_SqliteSpecifies the database encryption options.
TFDSQLiteCollationFlagSpecifies the types of flags for CollationKind=sscompareStrings.
TFDSQLiteCollationFlagsRepresents a set of TFDSQLiteCollationFlag values.
TFDSQLiteCollationKindSpecifies the collation implementation kind.
TFDSQLiteSecurityOptionsSpecifies the database encryption options.
TFDSQLiteValidateOptionSpecifies additional options controlling the validation.
TFDSQLiteValidateOptionsSet of TFDSQLiteValidateOption values.