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enum DECLSPEC_DENUM Firedac_Phys_Sqlite__5 : unsigned int { soSetLargeCache };


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
enum public FireDAC.Phys.SQLite.hpp FireDAC.Phys.SQLite FireDAC.Phys.SQLite


Specifies the database encryption options.

Name Description
soSetLargeChache Due to current SQLite encryption limitation, SetPassword/ ChangePassword/ RemovePassword calls fail, if the database has blob fields with a value size greater than 1 DB page, and the database does not fit into the SQLite cache. If soSetLargeCache is set, then SetPassword/ ChangePassword/ RemovePassword automatically set the cache size greater than the DB size, to fit the database into the memory in full. If the DB size is greater than the accessible system memory, then the corresponding call fails.

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