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constructor Create(const APath: string); overload;
constructor Create(const APathPtr: PChar; ALen: Integer); overload;


__fastcall TJSONPathParser(const System::UnicodeString APath)/* overload */;
__fastcall TJSONPathParser(const System::WideChar * APathPtr, int ALen)/* overload */;
TJSONPathParser() {}


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
constructor public
System.JSON TJSONPathParser


Creates an instance of TJSONPathParser to iterate through the elements of the specified JSON path.

Supported JSON Path Syntax

TJSONPathParser implements a subset of the JSON path specification defined by Stefan Göessner. Specifically, supported elements are:

  • Child operators for objects:
    • Use . to access object properties that do not contain a dot in their name. For example, use root.child to access the child property of the root object.
    • Use [] to access object properties that do contain a quoting character in their name. For example, use root[''] or root[""] to access the property of the root object.
  • Subscript operator ([]) for arrays. For example, use root[0] to access the first item of the root array.

These operators do not support special expressions, they only support actual values (object properties or array indexes).

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