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TWebDispatcher = class(TCustomWebDispatcher)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TWebDispatcher : public TCustomWebDispatcher


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public


TWebDispatcher passes HTTP request messages on to the appropriate action items that assemble a response.

Use TWebDispatcher to convert an ordinary data module to a Web module. Add a TWebDispatcher object to an existing data module that contains other nonvisual components and business rules for the Web application. Then delete the automatically generated Web module from the Web application and replace it with the data module that now contains the Web dispatcher.

TWebDispatcher enables the Web server application to respond to HTTP request messages. Only one Web dispatcher can be added to an application. This is why the automatically generated Web module, which is a type of Web dispatcher, must be deleted from the Web application before the data module containing TWebDispatcher can be added.

The TWebDispatcher object manages a collection of action items which know how to respond to HTTP request messages. View, add, and delete the action items managed by the dispatcher using the Action editor which is opened by double-clicking on the TWebDispatcher icon.

TWebDispatcher publishes some of the properties and events introduced by TCustomWebDispatcher, but introduces no new properties, events, or methods of its own.

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