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Package inet270.bpl


EWebBrokerExceptionEWebBrokerException is an exception raised by WebBroker objects.
IProduceContentIProduceContent is the interface for generating the content of a Web page.
ISetAppDispatcherInterface that a content producer implements so that a dispatcher can associate itself with the content producer.
IWebAppServicesIWebAppServices is the interface for setting up and finishing the processing of HTTP request messages.
IWebDispatchActionsIWebDispatchActions is the interface for components that dispatch HTTP request messages using action items.
IWebDispatcherAccessIWebDispatcherAccess provides access to the current HTTP request and response object.
IWebRequestHandlerIWebRequestHandler is the interface for objects that dispatch HTTP request messages.
TAbstractContentParserTAbstractContentParser is the base class for objects that parse the content of an HTTP request.
TAbstractWebRequestFileTAbstractWebRequestFile describes an uploaded file from an HTTP request.
TAbstractWebRequestFilesTAbstractWebRequestFiles is a collection of TAbstractWebRequestFile objects.
TContentParserTContentParser is the default parser for extracting named value strings and uploaded files from an HTTP request.
TContentParserClassRepresents the TAbstractContentParser metaclass.
TCookieTCookie represents a Cookie header in an HTTP response message.
TCookieCollectionTCookieCollection is a collection of TCookie objects.
TCustomContentProducerTCustomContentProducer is the base class for all objects that produce the string that is sent as the contents of an HTTP response message.
TCustomWebDispatcherTCustomWebDispatcher is the abstract base class for Web dispatcher objects.
TCustomWebFileDispatcherTCustomWebFileDispatcher is the abstract base class for Web file dispatcher objects.
TWebActionItemTWebActionItem allows a Web server application to create and send responses to HTTP request messages.
TWebActionItemsTWebActionItems is a collection of TWebActionItem objects.
TWebDispatcherTWebDispatcher passes HTTP request messages on to the appropriate action items that assemble a response.
TWebFileDispatcherTWebFileDispatcher manages the properties of the current HTTP file's request.
TWebModuleTWebModule is the automatically generated Web module for a Web server application.
TWebRequestTWebRequest is the base class for all objects that represent client request information that is passed to a Web server application.
TWebResponseTWebResponse is the base class for all objects that represent HTTP messages sent in response to an HTTP request message.


DayOfWeekStrConverts a TDateTime into a string representing the day of the week.
DosPathToUnixPathConverts a DOS-compatible path specification to a Unix-compatible path specification.
EncodingFromContentTypeGets the content type encoding.
EncodingGetBytesEncodes a string into an array of bytes, in accordance with the content type encoding.
EncodingGetStringDecodes an array of bytes into a string, in accordance with the content type encoding.
ExtractHeaderFieldsParses a multi-valued string into its constituent fields.
ExtractHTTPFieldsParses a multi-valued string into its constituent fields.
HTMLDecode (deprecated)Replaces the HTML character entities with the corresponding HTML special characters.
HTMLEncode (deprecated)Replaces the characters with special HTML significance with the corresponding HTML character entities.
HTTPDecode (deprecated)Decodes a string that includes HTTP escape characters.
HTTPEncode (deprecated)Converts a string into a form that contains no values that are illegal in an HTTP message header.
MonthStrConverts a TDateTime into a string representing the month.
ParseDateConverts a date value from an HTTP message header into a TDateTime.
RegisterContentParserRegisters a content parser class.
StatusStringReturns the explanatory string associated with one of the predefined HTTP response status codes.
UnixPathToDosPathConverts a Unix-compatible path specification to a Dos-compatible path specification.

Gets the web application executable path.

WebApplicationFileNameGets the web application executable file name.


THTTPMethodEventTHTTPMethodEvent is the type of event handlers that are called while processing an HTTP request message.
TMethodTypeTMethodType represents the type of an HTTP request message.
TWebExceptionEventTWebExceptionEvent is the type of event handlers that respond when exceptions occur while processing an HTTP request message.


FWebApplicationFileNameWeb application executable file name, when the project is not the main instance.
GetDefaultCharSetEncodingPointer to a function that returns the default charset encoding.
GetModuleFileNameProcPointer to a function that retrieves the web application file name.


sDateFormatsDateFormat: string = "%%s", dd "%%s" yyyy hh":"nn":"ss;