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TWebActionItem = class(TCollectionItem)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TWebActionItem : public System::Classes::TCollectionItem


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public


TWebActionItem allows a Web server application to create and send responses to HTTP request messages.

Use TWebActionItem to assemble the response to a particular type of HTTP request message in a Web server application. Each action item is specific to a particular URI path and HTTP request method.

The web dispatcher chooses an appropriate action item to handle an HTTP request message by

matching the path portion of the URI requested by the Web client with the PathInfo property in the TWebActionItem object

matching the method requested by the Web client with the method type the action item knows how to handle.

An action item handles an HTTP request message automatically using an associated content producer or using its OnAction event handler. The OnAction event handler can read the request message and assemble a response by setting the properties of a TWebResponse object. It can tell the TWebResponse object to send the response message back to the Web client, or allow the TWebApplication object to send the message after other action items have had a chance to add to the response.

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