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Go Up to GUI of Audits and Metrics

QA Audits dialog box > Start

The Audits pane displays the table showing the results of Audits processed in a Delphi project. To open the Audits pane, open the QA Audits dialog box and click the Start button. As Audits processing completes, the Audits pane opens automatically.

The table of results of Audits displays the obtained violations of processed Audits. Use the Audits pane to view and export results of Audits.

Each time you process Audits for the same project, the obtained results of Audits are displayed in this pane in the new tabbed page. The page with the most recently obtained results of Audits is active.

Controls of the Audits Pane

The Audits pane has the following controls:

Item Description

Toolbar buttons:

Saves results of Audits Save

Saves the results of Audits.

Print Print

Prints the results of Audits.

Refresh Refresh

Recalculates the violations of Audits that are currently displayed.

Restart Restart

Opens the QA Audits dialog box to define the new Audits settings and start the new Audits analysis.

Context menu commands:

Group By

Groups violations of Audits according to the specified column heading.
This command provides the following options corresponding to names of column headings: Abbreviation, Description, Severity, Resource, File, Line, and Ungroup. Select the desired option. The 'grouping pane' opens at the left side of the table. This pane groups items according to the selected heading.

Show Description

Opens the pane displaying the full name and the description of the selected audit.


Opens the source code editor, highlighting the source code relevant to the selected audit.


You can copy one row or multiple rows in the table of results of Audits. Use CTRL+mouse click to select multiple rows to copy.

Context menu of tab controls:


Closes the current tab.

Close All

Closes all tabs in the Audits pane.

Close All Other Tabs

Closes all tabs in the Audits pane except for the current tab.

Table of Results of Audits

This table contains the following columns:

Column Heading Description


The abbreviation for the audit name. The full name is displayed in the "Audit Description" pane that can be opened by choosing Show Description on the context menu of the selected audit.


Describes why the audit violation flags the item.


Indicates how serious the audit violation is considered to be. This helps you to decide which violations are critical and which are not.


The source code item that was flagged by the audit violation.


The file containing the problem code.


The line number in the file where the problem code is located.

Note: Only the violations of Audits are shown in the table of results of Audits; therefore, the table does not necessarily display all the audits, packages, or classes that you have processed.

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