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Delphi Audits checks for compliance with Delphi coding style, maintenance, and robustness guidelines.

Before running Audits, make sure that the code being audited is compilable. If your source code contains errors, or some libraries and paths are not included, Audits might produce inaccurate results.

To run Audits

  1. Open your Delphi project.
  2. To open the QA Audits dialog box:
    • Open your source code file in the Code Editor. Click the Project > QA Audits menu command.
    • For implementation projects you can also open the QA Audits dialog box from the Modeling views. In the Model View or Diagram View, right-click a model element and select QA Audits on the context menu.
  3. Select the scope for Audits. In the QA Audits dialog box, use the Scope list button to choose the code scope to run Audits on. Possible values are Project (Model for implementation projects) and Selection:
    • Project (Model)—Audits processes the entire project.
    • Selection—Audits processes only the specific classes or namespaces currently selected in the Code Editor, Diagram View, or Model View.
If you want to run Audits on specific classes or namespaces, make sure you correctly select them before you open the QA Audits dialog box.
  1. In the left pane of the QA Audits dialog box, choose the audits to run.
  2. As you select an audit, its description appears in the lower pane of the QA Audits dialog box.

  3. As you click an audit in the left pane, the properties of this audit appear in the right pane. The severity level and other audit-specific properties are displayed. Change the settings if necessary.
  4. When you have selected your set of audits, click Start. The Operation in progress dialog box opens, displaying a status bar that indicates the progress completed. The status bar will be displayed until the process finishes.
  5. If necessary, click Cancel to abort the process.
As Audits processing completes, the Audits pane opens automatically, displaying the Audits results. Notice that the Audits pane shows only results of the processed audits that have violations. In the Audits Results table, right-click any line to open the context menu and use its commands to perform operations with the report.

Note: Audits runs in the command thread, so you cannot edit the project while Audits is being processed.

Warning: Audits is not available for design projects.

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