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As Delphi or C++ Audits processing accomplishes, the Audits (for Delphi projects) or C++ Audits (for C++ projects) pane displays the table showing the obtained results of Audits processing. Results of Audits processing are the list of detected violations of evaluated audits. Each line in this table represents a particular violation detected during the Audits processing.

Notice that Audits are tightly connected with the source code.

To navigate to the source code of a violation

  1. In the table of results of Audits, double-click an audit violation (a row).
In Delphi projects, you can right-click an audit violation and choose Open on the context menu.
  1. The Code Editor opens and the cursor navigates directly to the source code responsible for the selected audit violation.

To sort violations by a specific column

  1. In the table of results of Audits, click the column heading. All items in the table become ordered according to this column.
  2. Each time you click the column heading, the order of items becomes reversed.

To group violations

In Delphi projects you can group violations.
  1. In the table of results of Audits, right-click and choose Group By in the context menu. Select the desired option. The "grouping pane" opens at the left side of the table. This pane groups items according to the selected option.
The Group By menu item options correspond to names of column headings: Abbreviation, Description, Severity, Resource, File, and Line.
  1. To ungroup the results, right-click in the table, choose Group By on the context menu, and choose Ungroup.

To show a violation description

In Delphi projects you can show descriptions of violations.
  1. In the table of results of Audits, right-click and choose Show Description in the context menu.
  2. The main pane opens the tab showing the description of the selected violation.

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