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The Quick Edit feature allows you to easily edit a control by changing its name, caption, alignment, layout, and color options.

To edit a control:

  1. Right-click the component and click Quick Edit to open the dialog box with further settings.
  2. To edit the control name, type the new name in the Name box.
  3. To edit the text displayed on the control, type the text in the Caption/Text box.
    Note: This option is not available for controls that do not display the Caption or the Text property.
  4. Click Align to modify the alignment of the component.
    Quick Edit Align
    The first group of buttons (top, bottom, left, right, and center) specifies and illustrates the Align property value and behavior. The second group of buttons contains None and Custom buttons for alNone and alCustom values.
  5. Click Layout to configure margin and padding settings for the component.
    Quick Edit Layout
    Enter the required values for Margins and Padding in the corresponding fields, which are distributed to illustrate their respective effect in the layout. Check the Align with Margins option to use the AlignWithMargins property, which specifies whether a control should be constrained by margins.
  6. Click Color to modify the color of the component.
    Quick Edit Color
    From the Color Quick Edit option you can modify the color of the component.
    • Select a color from the dropdown
    • Click Custom to use a color from the pre-defined Basic colors palette. You can also use the color picker or the HSL and RGB values to define a color, click OK when you are done.
    Tip: Click Add to Custom Colors to add the color you selected to the Custom Colors palette.
  7. Click the OK icon or press Enter to save the changes.
    Note: Press Escape, click outside the dialog box, or click the Discard icon to discard the changes.

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