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Go Up to Tools Options Dialog Box

Tools > Options > Translation Tools Options

Use this dialog box to configure the Resource DLL Wizard, Translation Manager, and Translation Repository.

Item Description

Automatically query repository

Automatically populates resource modules with translations for any strings that have matches in the Translation Repository, each time your assemblies are updated.

  • If only one match for a string is found in the Translation Repository, that translated string is copied to the resource modules project.
  • If more than one match is found, the first matching translation in the Translation Repository is copied to the assembly. You can change this behavior by choosing Tools > Translation Tools Options, clicking the Repository tab, then changing the Multiple Find Action setting.

Automatically compile projects

Compiles projects, without asking first, whenever required by the translation tools (for example, when running the Resource DLL Wizard).

Show Translation Manager after RDW

Opens the Translation Editor automatically after running the Resource DLL Wizard (RDW) unless one of the resource module projects is active in the Project Manager when you use the wizard.

Automatically quote strings

Supplies required quotation marks around translated strings, unless the strings already contain apostrophes, quotation marks, or control characters (such as #13).

Use 'Newly Translated' Status

When a string is manually translated, or automatically translated from the Translation Repository, the status of the string is changed to Newly Translated instead of Translated. This status is used to determine items which are translated in the current translation.

Automatically save files

Saves the current project, without asking first, whenever appropriate (for example, or running the Resource DLL Wizard).

Hide empty items

Hides files that do not contain translation items, such as .dfn and .rc files, in the Project Manager. This can improve performance when processing many files, some of which are empty, with the Add strings to repository or Get strings from repository commands.

External editor

Indicates the name of the editor to use as an external editor in the Translation Manager, for example, notepad.exe.

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