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The AppWave Public Store is an internet-available store for Windows apps that gives users access to free apps from categories such as productivity, media, utilities, developer/database tools, and games – all of which they can run from their browser. In the AppWave Public Store you can search for and run applications using technology that encapsulates and streams applications without requiring installation.

  • The first time you run an app from the AppWave Public Store you need to download and install the AppWave. This product manages apps on your computer.
  • The first time you run an app, you are prompted to enter your AppWave ID, which is your EDN Account ID. This is a one-time registration.
  • With multi-language support, you can set the default language: English (default setting), French, German, or Japanese.
  • When you run an app or an Embarcadero app, the AppWave Browser initiates a one-time download of the selected app to AppWave over the internet. Subsequent loads are very fast.
  • You can then send the AppWave URL to colleagues on your Local Area Network, so that they can obtain the AppWave Browser and experience AppWave themselves.
  • There are three different types of apps you can download: Free, Trial, and Paid apps.

When you launch an app from the AppWave Store, the system either detects a previously installed AppWave Browser, or launches the installation of the Browser. Once the Browser is installed, the selected app is then passed to the Browser for streaming. Initially, you see an update as the app streams; second when the app is running; and finally, when the app is fully downloaded in the background. You can then run the app on your PC.

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