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The Vendor Portal is the gateway to an easy-to-use app store for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Once an ISV has self-registered for the AppWave™ Store, you can master, license, and upload your apps. The ISV apps are mastered using the AppWave Studio. During mastering you are prompted to License your mastered app. This quick start covers the following topics:

Licensing through Embarcadero is required when selling your applications through the AppWave Store. You set up a new license or use an existing license when mastering your app using AppWave Studio. This mastering has to be done before your app is published and made available for purchase.

Only the perpetual node-locked license is available for the ISV apps and the purchased app is activated and licensed during the initial launch from the AppWave Browser. In order to active the app, the customer is required to sign in to AppWave Browser with their EDN account used to make the purchase. A licensing request to Embarcadero has a minimum of 72 hours between requests.

The customer can license the same app up to the maximum of five systems (either physical computers or VMs). Once the maximum of 5 licenses is reached, in order to run the app on the new system, the license unused for the longest time is revoked. Once the maximum of 10 total systems is reached, the license transfer is blocked. The customer has to contact Embarcadero Customer Support to unblock it. If the licensing server cannot be reached for some reason, the app is run in the offline mode with a maximum of 90 consecutive days.

The customer can transfer a license from system to system without input or action by Embarcadero Customer Support. In order to transfer a license to another user, both the owner’s email and the new user’s email have to be provided. Once the license is transferred to a new user, the previous user loses the rights to run that app on any system. [edit] Technical Requirements

AppWave Browser only supports 32-bit applications. 64-bit applications are not supported.

Register as a Vendor

You have to be registered as a vendor to license your apps. The vendor account needs validaton from Embarcadero that may take up to 72 hours.

  1. To complete your registration go to the AppWave Store:
  2. In the AppWave Store scroll down and click Vendors to open the Create a Vendor Account page.
  3. Complete the application for a new vendor account. All fields marked with an asterisk are required.
  • The Annual Store Seller Fee of $99.00 is necessary to have your apps listed in the Store.
  • Embarcadero waives the first year's fee.
  1. The Support Account is the email address for the Vendor's software support.
  2. Click the Terms and Conditions link to review the Embarcadero AppWave Store Seller Participation Agreement.
  3. Review the terms and click Submit. Your vendor account is submitted for approval and the My Account Dashboard opens.
  4. You will receive an email informing you that your vendor application is being processed.

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