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Quick Start Guide

The interface of HTML5 Builder is divided into several views, designed to match your workflow and let you focus on the task at hand.

The Main Toolbar is located on the top side of the interface, and is available on any view:


From the toolbar, you can access the available views. The toolbar is context-aware, and it will only show you the views you can use for the working file. For example, the Data view is only available when you are working on an SQL script.

You can work with the following views:

HomeStart.png Home — Manage your files and projects, configure HTML5 Builder, deploy your applications, and more.
Code.png Code — Code edition tools.
Design.png Design — Visual edition tools.
Data.png Data — Access the data returned by your queries.
Template.png Template — Use a template to design your interfaces.
Preview.png Preview — Get a preview of the rendering of your code.
Viewer.png Viewer — Watch the performance profile of your pages.
History.png History — Access previous versions of your files.
Debug.png Debug — Locate any logic error in your applications.